MORTAL SIN: I am Immortal CD single. RARE (UK) + 2 live versions. Check videos


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Mortal Sin I Am Immortal
Label: Vertigo VERCD 47, Phonogram Ltd. (London) 876 821-2
Format: CD, Maxi-Single
Country: UK
Released: 1990
Genre: Thrash / Heavy Metal
1 I Am Immortal 4:43

2 Lebanon 7:02 LIVE

3 Voyage Of The Disturbed 4:47 LIVE

Bass Andy Eftichou
Drums Steve Hughes
Guitar Mick Burke, Paul Carwana
Vocals Mat Mauer

I am Immortal
I fear no foe, I have no fear
See me laughing when death comes near
Pain is sweet and life is cold
Theres no repenting when you grow old
I seek revenge, my masters hell
Crumbled ruins as his kingdom fell
Must take your life, to set me free
Turn your back on immortality

I am Immortal got no right to die
I am Immortal no one can deny
I am Immortal ’til the end of time
I am Immortal

I have no guilt there is no law
My blackened hearts rotting at the core
Break the rules a crying shame
Nothing matters ‘cos its just a game
Take your aim, the life you choose
Just one chance if you win or lose
Fight ’til death the battle is won
Revenge is mine the superior one

I am Immortal got no right to die
I am Immortal no one can deny
I am Immortal ’til the end of time
I am Immortal

Take you chances if you dare
Time will break your evil stare
Legend says its you or I
Destroy the myth and you will die

See the sound of slashing swords
Piercing through your heart
The screaming of the civil lords
Wash away the weeping wounds, tearing you apart
The weaving of the evil hordes
The Master will scorn you, he’ll even forlorn you
He’ll give you a price to pay
Theres nothing he gave you, no reason to save you
Have mercy you bastard, take your soul away

Traumatic tales of torrid tears, chopping off your head
Trapped into a terror state
Forcing off those fractured fears, finding out your dead
Forget about your future fate
The Master has cursed you, his spell has dispersed you
He gave you the price to pay
Revenge has been won and a new life begun
‘Cos I am immortal

Sound of bombs runs through the air
In the streets of Lebanon
Hate filled soldiers everywhere
The troops of Babylon

Bloodstains on the footpath
Madness on the ground
Senseless forms of bloodbath
As you hear the bugles sound

Dodging the machine gun fire
Fighting for their lives
Killing with their hearts desire
No one can survive

The battle of Lebanon – a killer
The battle of Lebanon – destruction

Trenches filled with muslim guards
Rifles set to fire
Left the enemy battle scarred
Terrorist guns for hire

Repeat chorus

Planning all the strategies to break the enemies back
Send out the kamikazes on a suicide attack
The muslims and the christians are fighting for their rights
Take the war of Lebanon to masochistic heights

Massacre and bloodshed are just a part of war
The children are defenseless and washed up on the floor
Aerial destruction and submarines below
Shooting guided missiles to give the final blow

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