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Darkness and Hope is the fifth studio album by Portuguese gothic metal band, Moonspell, released in 2001.

Several different versions were released, with different bonus tracks. One version contained “Os Senhores da Guerra”, originally by Madredeus, the second featured “Mr. Crowley“, originally by Ozzy Osbourne. Another version had a cover of Joy Division‘s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” as the bonus track. The limited edition contained all three bonus tracks.

The cover of the album features the “Moonspell trident” designed by a Polish artist, Wojciech Blasiak. The sign, later refined in The Antidotes artwork, became recognizable as a symbol of the band.

No. Title Length
1. “Darkness and Hope” 04:46
2. “Firewalking” 03:05
3. “Nocturna” 03:52
4. “Heartshaped Abyss” 04:08
5. “Devilred” 03:25
6. “Ghostsong” 04:21
7. “Rapaces” 05:31
8. “Made of Storm” 04:09
9. “How We Became Fire” 05:47
10. “Than the Serpents in my Arms” 05:58
Total length: 45:02

Video bonus tracks
12 Magdalene (special video remix)

13. Butterfly fx (uncensored version)

Moonspell: Fernando Ribeiro (vocals); Ricardo Amorim (guitar); Pedro Paixao (synthesizer, samples); Sergio Crestana (bass); Mike Gaspar (drums).
Recorded at Finvox Studios, Helsinki, Finland.
Recording information: Finnvox, Helsinki, Finland (2001).

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