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Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 47:59

1. The Exordium
2. Awaiting Armageddon
3. Wave Of Annihilation
4. The Fall Of Eden
5. Chemical Reaction
6. A Casket For The Soul
7. Rise To Power                                                                                                                                                                                                                             8. Visions Of Violence
9. From Wrath To Ruin
10. Abysmal Gods
11. Shadow Of Obliteration
MONSTROSITY had been already founded in 1990 and they belonged to the trend setters in Death Metal. Their first album “”Imperial Doom”” is today regarded as a classic in Death Metal. It was such successful that they sold 40.000 copies. They lost their deal with Nuclear Blast due to financial problems and so their second work “”Millenium”” was released via Conquest Music. However, this altogether more technical record was released again via Blast in Germany because they had the German distribution. After some intense touring, they produced the “”Dark Purity”” album, which could even increase the sales. Then followed the double-CD “”Enslaving The Masses””. Disc 1 contains newly mixed versions of songs, already had been on their debut “”Imperial Doom””, the demo “”Horror Infinity”” or “”Slaves And Masters””. One thing is sure, MONSTROSITY manage it to release one killer album after another and now I have the fifth release “”A Rise To Power”” in my hands, which marks the highlight of all creations of this band from Florida.
It’s doubtless an almost perfect Death Metal record. Everything is well-done, commenced with the enormously dynamic killer production, which shows off all subtleties. Then comes the super tight musicianship of the members, which sounds nearly perfect. It proves that it’s no way that Death Metal is shredding for idiots from idiots… these are really first-class musicians, which could also easily play any other music style. But why should they? They are die-hard Death Metal lunatics and this is what they do best. Although that the style of MONSTROSITY is pretty technical and they use a lot of breaks, I feel never overcharged or overrun. The songs are pretty catchy and they could be seen as a straighter type of MORBID ANGEL. This is how I would have wished their new record…

MONSTROSITY have realized that less is sometimes more and they easily surpass the former Death Metal Gods with this new record. It’s not useful to comment on single songs. You got to discover this album for yourself. What I can say is, that it is fast, heavy and the vocalist grunts!!!


Monstrosity hit back hard. – 90%

Since monstrosity’s 1999 release ‘In Dark Purity’ they sort of slacked off bit, not hearing any new material for 4 years but then they hit back hard with a ripper of an album ‘Rise to Power’. For Monstrosity this truly is “a rise to power” as they tear into new territory with their masterful release.

‘Rise to Power’ kicks into some heavy hitting, but fairly common sort of death metal and maintains some good solos and some heavy guitars up until the 4th track ‘The Fall of Eden’ which gives the album a bit of melody. This funeral song is epic and powerful like that of Behemoth’s ‘Hell Dwells in Ice’ which although isn’t the metal style that we are used to from Monstrosity; it still gives the album a bit of edge. However shortly afterwards it starts into my personal favourite track ‘Chemical Reaction’.

Another stand out track is that of ‘From Wrath to Ruin’ mixing brief solo’s with brutal riffs. Monstrosity make one killer album that goes at the top of the death metal list. The professionalism displayed in what I would call one of the best 2003 releases and that is what makes Monstrosity a force to be reckoned with.


Perfectly Executed Death Metal – 94%

Yes, it is. This is truly a rise for Monstrosity, from a fairly generic Death Metal group to an almost Iconic modern Death Metal outfit all thanks to this monstrous (for lack of a more apt word) effort. Truly this is one of the most incredible and professional death metal albums that I’ve heard in a very long time. There is nothing on this album that would make me think otherwise.

Right from the start it Enthralls you, captivating, unique and very catchy (in a very morbid way 😉 ) riffs will send you into an involuntary headbanging frenzy. “The Exordium” is a product of the unholy matrimony of insane drum patterns and intricate guitar riffs, not to mention the thick and crystal clear production. Let me just say that the production on this album is unrivalled in its richness and texture, every instrument is clear and orthogonal across the sound.

This is another album that proves that the Vocals are also a powerful instrument, in all the songs here the Vocals serve as an instrument that paints a very Sordid picture, potraying pain, anguish, anger and attitude. Especially in songs like “Wave of Annihilation” and “A Casket for the Soul” the listener can almost feel the emotions in his voice, it’s what I’d call ‘ear-candy’.

One other interesting thing to note here is the consistent use of Thrash elements, particularly in the riffing and the bass-lines. Which are reminiscent of the “Horrorscope” days of Overkill. Mind you they are used judiciously and are far from what one would call ‘groove’. Apart from the outstanding riffing, the solo’s are also killer (I did say that this was a Perfect Death Metal album) Tony Norman and Sam Molina have really put a lot of effort while writing them and they showcase the skills of these persevering guitarists.

The only thing that keeps me from giving them a higher score is the tremelo outro on the last song “Shadow Of Obliteration” which far too long and eventually gets on ones nerves, apart from that there is nothing that should stop you from getting this.


A good investment for dm fans – 92%

Having liked In Dark Purity, I decided to check out Rise To Power. And I was not disappointed. The first track The Exordium starts out with a typical Monstrosity riff, mid paced with fast picked notes and a good amount of groove. The song switches between relatively fast passages with some groove and all out blasting. At about 3:00, there is a really cool technical riff with which the song ends. Track 3, Wave Of Annihilation, is one of the highlights of the CD. The song begins with a cool slower paced death metal grove riff to which the vocals soon join in. It is very catchy but still heavy as fuck. The song focuses on groove more than speed, and it is also progressive and has lots of riffs. Track 4, The Fall Of Eden is an atmospheric, eerie sounding instrumental, in the vein of Death’s Cosmic Sea, and essentially serves as a lengthy introduction to track 5, Chemical Reaction, a mid paced death metal thrasher very typical of Monstrosity. Track 6, A Casket For The Soul, is an overall fast, aggressive tune, whereas the next track Rise To Power is again more of a groove oriented slower tune. Track 8, Visions Of Violence, is for the most part a full speed ahead blasting death metal song, but they throw in really cool tech riffs in between the mayhem. Damn, these guys can play! Essentially, the CD offers a nice mixture of slower, groove oriented songs and fast, aggressive songs, with some songs incorporating both slower passages and full speed ahead blasting. I personally think that the band do both very well. There is definitely a good amount of thrash influence in the music on this CD, and those of you familiar with the band will know that there is on their other CDs as well. For those that aren’t familiar with the band, their overall sound can be described as thrashy old school death metal along the lines of Malevolent Creation. Though they essentially play old school Florida style death metal, they certainly do not sound dated. They adapt very well to the times, and the production on this CD is killer, fitting with the music very well. It is very crisp and clear, and you can hear every note that is played – the blast beats never drown out the guitars (man, I hate it when that happens). Overall, it is a very solid CD. It is definitely a good purchase for any death metal fan looking for some new straightforward death metal to listen to.

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