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1. The Last Farewell
2. Lost in the Dark
3. Twisted Soul
4. Haunting a Dream

The Athenian deathsters MIDNIGHT SCREAM impressed with the second one their “FALLEN FAITH” demo CD, which was named “Circulation of the Month” in the previous issue. The relevant interview follows… Guitarist LOUKAS answers.
Although young in age, you present a very serious and mature work. How do you justify this?
“Two things contributed to this: the experience we gained from recording our first demo and the participation of Michalis Galiatsou (s.s.: guitarist of Nightfall) in the production.”
How would you describe your music?
“Here you catch us unread… We have influences from all types of metal and not only… Perhaps the description “melodic death” fits, however we do not intend to limit ourselves within the framework of this idiom.”
What are your lyrical concerns? “The lyrics are inspired by our personal experiences. They mention,
MIDNIGHT SCREAM BIOGRAPHY in such a way that the listener can see them from his own perspective, according to his own experiences. The title track of the demo e.g. is based on George Orwell’s 1984.” What does it mean to you to announce Fallen Faith as the release of month in the column? “Sure, this is an important step. We care about the opinion of the press about our music and we are happy when it is positive, however, our philosophy is to play what sounds good to us, recognition does not play a primary role. I see the need to play music as if someone steps on my foot… I feel the need to shout out, whether the other person will hear the scream or not is not the point our point of view, whether the other will agree with it is positive, when it happens, but something such is not an end in itself. Creation is an end in itself.” What do you want the future to hold for Midnight Scream?
“Our first goal is to make a “serious” band, on the standards of the well-known big Greek groups. Then we’ll see…”
Midnight Scream is a youth band. They were created in 1999 by Loukas (guitars) and Makis (vocals, bass). Together with Apostolis and Kostas (on guitars and drums respectively), they released their maiden demo in 2000. Then, and after changes in the line-up (from the original line-up the two founding members have remained), the scheme recorded the second demo of “Fallen Faith” which was recently released.

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