Michael WHITE LP (ATLANTIC 81753-1 import) PROMO 1987. Led Zeppelin like, he even looks like Robert Plant. With WASP guitarist Randy Piper. Check audio (whole album)


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Features members of Billy Squier band and the music is somewhat like Squier. Heavy dose of Zeppelin influence…Came out a year before Kingdom Come had big success with a similar sound. Whitesnake had a huge success in the summer of 87 also with a similar sound.
This is a 1987 release by Los Angeles-based hard rock / metal band Michael White and the White, featuring “”Fantasy”” and “”I Know You Need Someone.”” In 1976 Michael White was a member of The Boyz (with George Lynch & Mick Brown from Dokken). The Boyz amassed a significant following in the LA music scene. Eventually White was approached by Nikki Sixx to front his band London that would soon turn into Motley Crue. He played with them for about 6 months before returning full-time to his project, The White. Michael White & The White was originally released in spring 1987.

Here is the KERRANG -JUNE 1987- review: (ATLANTIC 81753-1 import) KKKKK
A debut album from a new and formidable solo talent that creeps around very serious Led Zeppelin territory. The record sleeve shows Michael posing a la Robert Plant circa ong Remains The Same’. And his vocals? Well, lets just say that they sound like early unreleased Zeppelin out-takes! If I hadn’t had the benefit of knowing it was actually Michael White. Believe me, the comparison is unreal. Recorded in Munich, although Michael I understand is American (apparently, he used to play in a covers band called The White who specialised in a Led Zeppelin tribute with excellent financial results), this record is actually very entertaining and musically extraordinarily competent. However, at times the Plant-Zeppelin influence becomes so dominant that matters tend to get rather out of hand. The track ‘Matriarch’, for example, is so similar to Zep funky backslapping ‘The Ocean’ (on their ‘Houses Of The Holy’ LP) that I’d swear it the same tune with a new lyrical arrangement. “”One Good Turn’ emerges as an acoustic based ditty with heavy orchestration, a trait used to massive effect by Zeppelin on the ‘Led Zep III’ album and, in some respects, carried right through to the mega-triumph of ‘Kashmir’. Elsewhere, you’ve got every possible Plant-esque yelp, squeal and ‘Ooh yeah, babe’, fat guitar very much in the cut’n’thrust style of Jimmy Page and massive drumming the Bonham mould. An intensely inviting sound alright, and one I’m actually quite chuffed about if truth be told. The songs, despite the niggling influences, are superb multi-layered affairs, benefiting from unusual exotic arrangements and superior musicianship (ex-WASP guitarist Randy Piper is also participating).
5 K then for having the guts to go for it in such an outrageously controversial fashion!



Atlantic – 81753-1
00 1987

1. Fantasy
2. I Know You Need Someone
3. Bring On The Night
4. Matriarch
5. One Good Turn
6. Psychometry
7. Deja -Vu
8. Jumpin’ The Fence
9. Radio
10. Dirty Dancer


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