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They sound like the proto-power metal of “”Night on Brocken”” era Fates Warning mixed with the slashing, dive bombing speed metal guitars of Laaz Rockit, and have a song called “”My Way is Heavy Metal””, that goes, in part, “”Look at my banging neck, Harder than devils, Made of steel…Heavy metal, Heavy Way, Heavy Metal, Everything, Everywhere, My way is heavy metal.”” This is either pure conviction, a densely packed ruse, or cold sweat madness. True intentions notwithstanding, this is total immersion in skull rattling metal n’ roll as high speed groin religion, and there are plenty of bands that have spent millions of dollars, pounds, and Euros in high tech studios over-dubbing hundreds of tracks in a vain attempt to achieve what Metalucifer have done here on the cheap and, quite possibly, by accident- pound the message into your skull like a runaway jackhammer that despite many transgressive raconteurs along the way that have tried to derail this might steel chariot, heavy fuckin’ metal still lives
Tracklist :
1. Heavy Metal Chainsaw 05:49
2. Flight of Iron Pegasus 04:45
3. Warriors Ride on the Chariots 06:22
4. My Way is Heavy Metal 05:25
5. Heavy Metal Samurai 04:51
6. Dracula 04:42
7. Metalucifer (Part II) 06:43
8. Lost Sanctuary 07:27
The cover and the tracklist shown here are from the Rip Records release.
Total playing time 46:04

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