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Metally INSANE metal project. Full analogue master by Chris Tsangarides (JUDAS PRIEST, THIN LIZZY, DEPECHE MODE, GARY MOORE, etc) includes insert with lyrics / credits. For all GENUINE HEAVY METAL fans! Chrisafis: There was this spark I had some years ago to create a song that many friends would take part. The idea was brought to life, when I felt the time is right and saw that the response of people that would take part and not only was encouraging indeed. Procedures started April 2003, however, I was not able to imagine how difficult this would be. Me and 21 more people would record for this song, needless to mention all the other guys that would be involved in various ways, while, needless to mention that lots of them would not come from the city of Thessaloniki. Many weeks were spent on the recordings, actually months. November 2003 was the first time when “Rock Until We Fall” was fully completed, tested and ready to be unleashed. And in retrospect, the result had really paid back all days & nights I had worked our asses off! August 2006 I had the luck to meet and work together with mega Chris Tsangarides for the needs of the procedure of mastering the song.
I really wish you enjoy every little second of it, because this tune results from our passion to heavy metal and rock music in its greater essence. No Compromises and honesty, this is what rock is all about! This one is for the hard rockers and the hard workers in life! !

What we’ve got here is a rather good heavy metal song compromised of 22 people from different bands in Northern Hellas, apparently made to promote the underground in the area.

This Chrisafis Tantanozis has managed to get together a lot of people with rather different vocal styles, but it all fits very well. The vocals range from quite high shrieks through some very good clean singers to the lowest growls, and it all fits together rather well. Of course, the amount of vocalists here leads to the length of each vocalists part being rather short, but heck, it works like a charm.

When it comes to the music itself, it appears that Chrisafis Tantanozis does most of the stuff except the solos, and he does this well. The music is, as mentioned, rather good heavy metal with some German power metal influences, and the solos are bloody good. The song is built up in the same way as Hear ‘n’ Aid – Stars, with lead vocals, then chorus, repeat and then heaps of solos. This could get boring, but, since the solos are quite varied and interesting, its just a pleasure to listen to.

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