Metal Killers Kollection part 1 tape Cassette. Iron Maiden Paul Di’Anno SIGNED autographed. Accept, Rogue Male, Fist, Raven, Di’anno. Check audio.


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Iron Maiden Paul Di’Anno SIGNED autographed

Metal Killers Kollection tape
1 Accept 2 Alaska 3 The Godz 4 Rogue Male 5 Fist 6 Reckless

1 Raven 2 Di’ Anno 3 Sabu 4 Twelfth Night 5 Hell Belles 6 Jim Dandy.

The ebb and flow of these songs is candy to the ears!

A1 Accept – Restless and Wild
A2 Alaska – The Sorcerer
A3 The Godz – I’ll Get You Rockin’
A4 Rogue Male – Crazy Motorcycle
A5 Fist – Turn the Hell On
A6 Reckless – Hot ‘n’ Ready

B1 Raven – Break the Chain
B2 Di’Anno – Heartuser
B3 Sabu – Angeline
B4 Twelfth Night – Art & Illusion
B5 Hell Belles – Wastin’ Away
B6 Jim Dandy – Ready as Hell