MENTAL HOME: Black Art CD Lavish Digipack. Atmospheric Dark Doom Metal. Rare and cool CD. Check videos HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


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CHECK SAMPLES: With this album Mental Home has delivered a much superior piece of work that should command attention from anyone who has ever been seduced by atmospheric metal. Mental Home’s sound is probably closest in kin to latter-day Rotting Christ, with more of a spotlight on the keyboard arrangements in the vein of Therion. Tracks like “Winter Art” or “Tides of Time” ooze with somber moods while “Pagan Freedom” has a remarkably catchy melody. (Speaking of which, there is also a CD-Rom bonus of the video of that song. Featuring clay animation). Absolutely essential!!!

01 – Under The Wing (Of Gamayun)
02 – The Plague Omen
03 – Into The Realms Of Marena
04 – Silent Remembrance
05 – In The Shades Of Inspiration (Instrumental)
06 – Pagan Freedom
07 – Winter Art
08 – On A Hand Of The Universe
09 – Tides Of Time
10. CD-Rom bonus of the video of Pagan Freedom Featuring clay animation

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Mental Home have simply created a crowning achievement of Atmospheric Dark Doom Metal! Black Art unfolds to an exceptional experience laced with the most beautiful and artful melodies. The album features nine compositions that reach levels of ingenuity, atmospheres that beatify emotions, colossal riffs that transcend time, evocative and melancholic keyboards, and vocals filled with wrath, torment and sadness. A landmark release that truly redefines the meaning of Art… …the Black Art!!! The album comes in a full color digipak and further includes a bonus clay animation clip of “”Pagan Freedom”” ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Mental Home was formed in November of 1993. The original line-up featured the two brothers, Sergey Dmitriev (Vocal/Guitar) and Igor Dmitriev (Drums/Keys), and also Roman Povarov (Lead Guitar) and Denis Samusev (Bass). Taking after an atmospheric doom/death approach the band recorded their first demo “”Funeral Service”” in January ’94. The recordings took place at the Vnukovo Studio, where all the band’s recording have been taking place since. Soon after, the band returned back to the studio and in July ’94 “”Mirrorland”” comes forth climbing to new heights. The album was released on MC by Metal Agen Rec/Soyuz selling 5,000 copies and it’s since sold-out. Due to an accident, Roman Povarov was left with a impairment in his left hand and was forced to abandon his guitar duties and fully took over the keyboards. The band chose Sergey Kalachov as the new lead guitarist and headed back to the studio to record the highly acclaimed “”Vale”” which was released in the Spring of ’96 by Morbid Noizz. The album sold out in Moscow in less than 3 months and hit the Russian Metal Charts #1 in July of the same year. Shortly after, Roman Povarov abandoned Mental Home. The band invited Michael “”Maiden”” Smirnoff to join and Maiden not only replaced Roman on keyboards but also took over as manager of Mental Home. In March of ’97 Mental Home returned to the studio and began the recordings of their new album. By June they completed their 4th brand new album entitled “”Black Art”” which included an intro, 8 songs and one instrumental theme. During that time the band also worked on re-releasing their debut “”Funeral service”” (’94) and “”Mirrorland”” (’95). In the fall of 1997, Mental Home signed a three album deal with the US based label, The End Records. First release is “”Vale”” on CD. The album is available worldwide as of January 12, 1998.
5.0 out of 5 stars I really Like This
You Can Just Keep Looking at This CD without Hearing it or looking to it .. You Must Hear it at once .. You Will Listen to The Best Album for Mental Home specially Track ( 1 , 6 )
5.0 out of 5 stars very beautiful
I really like this disc. This is definitely an album that grows on you. I was really surprised that the production was as so clear. The melodies are absolutely beautiful, and the music is very rich. Any fan of metal MUST hear this!
5.0 out of 5 stars Metal to warm you in the cold Russian winter
If you like Amorphis, Tuonela especially, you will probably like Black Art. This is atmospheric doom metal at its very definition: slow, melodic tunes void of angry screaming and rapid-fire double kick drum explosions. While Amorphis is more guitar driven with respect to the writing style, Mental Home leans towards the keyboards and vocal stylings as guides in composition. Nonetheless, none of the songs really stood out to me as exemplary— it’s as if the whole is better than the parts. You can’t just listen to one song, you have to hear the entire album to fully appreciate the mood Mental Home strives for. Well crafted, Black Art showcases these Russian’s ingenuity and commitment to a genre under appreciated by many.
5.0 out of 5 stars Big Russian Bear Strum My Balalaika as I sail on the Volga
Medieval keyboard-saturated doom/death from Russia. Mental Home’s greatest and the last album to be considered death metal. Competent guitar and drum playing, neo-pagan themes, and crisp production. Nice digi-pack packaging too. This is a momentous album for doom/death metal fans. Now I think I’m going to throw back some vodka, bust out my snow shoes, and head toward Siberia.”

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