MARY-ANN: Deeper Sin EP CD 1998 Self-released Ultra RARE. Gothic Metal To/Die/For!!! Check the amazing “It’s a Sin” Pet Shop Boys cover. HIM Ville Valo style.


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Mary-Ann Deeper Sin

Type: EP
Label: Self-released/independent
Label: Let Loose Product LLCD001
Country: Finland
Released: 1998

1. Farewell 03:43
2. It’s a Sin 04:16 (Neil Tennant, Chris Lowe) Pet Shop Boys cover…
3. Ungreateful 02:43
4. The Scent of Your Blood 03:57
5. Dripping Down Red 03:09

Finnish Gothic-Doom Metal band. In 1999 Mary-Ann signed to Spinefarm and changed their name to To/Die/For. They even re-recorded the Pet Shop Boys cover It’s a Sin, but the two versions are different to each other and have different time lengths as well. So you will not be able to find this exact version elsewhere, as it is only available in this rare CD.

Gothic Metal of the highest quality.


To/Die/For may not be your typical metal band, but they will become your newest guilty pleasure. This goth rock/metal gem has actually existed since 1993. In 1999, they changed their name from Mary-AnnTo/Die/For suffered a brief breakup in 2009. The group broke hearts when they parted ways again in 2016, but they reunited in 2019.

Finnish metal bands can be incredibly refreshing; however, this is especially true of To/Die/For. The “Wounds Wide Open” outfit is absolutely irresistible. What’s more is that they will have you scratching at your wrists in no time: “See my life written all over my arms. White strokes of misery. I call ’em diaries, some call ’em scars…. No, no one will miss me, no one at all. Lay down and sleep forever.” Vocalist Jarno Jape” Perätalo has an amazing voice that is both hypnotic and distinctive. To/Die/For’s cover songs have earned them much recognition. They have put one on each of their full-length efforts from their third album, Jaded (2003), onward. You will hear one of their best covers below.

The great Tonmi Lillman served as To/Die/For’s drummer from 1999 to 2003 and from 2009 to 2010. In his memoir, which was organized into a coherent whole by Petri SilasAlexi Laiho recalled meeting his beloved friend for the first time: “Tonmi Lillman looked and sounded so perfect right from the off that everyone present realized we were standing in the same room with the new Sinergy drummer. He played like Tommy Lee but with an incredible amount of technical prowess. When he joined the group, it became one of my favorite line-ups of all time.” Lillman passed away in 2012. The 38-year-old had also been a member of groups like Ajattara. In 2010, he had joined Lordi, in which he was known as “Otus.” Lordi’s album To Beast or Not to Beast (2013) was dedicated to Lillman.

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