MANIGANCE: D’un Autre Sang CD PROMO. + Future World (Pretty Maids cover). Check audio


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1. Mirage 01:01
2. Empire Virtuel 05:14
3. Mourir en Héros 06:03
4. Héritier 04:39
5. Hors la Loi 04:51
6. Maudits 06:37
7. Mémoire 04:22
8. Damocles 05:24
9. La Mort dans l’Ame 06:25
10. D’un Autre Sang 05:03
11. Enfin Délivré 05:30
CD Rom track, featuring
12. Future World (Pretty Maids cover – japan bonus track) 05:03

5.0 out of 5 stars From another blood,
This is how ‘D’un autre sang’ would translate in English. This French band have nothing to envy from any great Power Metal and Progressive Metal bands around the world – for instance bands like Shadowkeep.
Their music is inspired and well-balanced. The riffs are great, the vocal is powerful and every tune shows something different from the next. There is simply no weak song on this CD.
I’d say the best one could very well be “Mourir en héro”, but due to the high standards of quality those guys came up with, you might – positively – differ coz they’re ALL good!
If you are a bit open-minded and don’t want to miss something good, don’t hesitate to get this album!

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