MANIFESTO JUKEBOX CD 2004 Hot Water Music meets Husker Du Finnish punk Finland. Check 4 songs.


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Label:  Boss Tuneage ‎– BOSTAGE5123

Format: CD, EP
Country:  UK
Released:   01 Jun 2004
Genre:  Punk
Manifesto Jukebox 7″
1 Strangleholds And Cages
2 Still Got The Fire
3 Stains
4 A Good Sport
From Split 7″ With I Excuse
5 Ruins
6 Trail
Compiles 2 vinyl releases.

Now this is what revolutionary rock is all about. Social and politically conscious lyrics sung with conviction, rage, and most importantly, hope. The music is just gold, too. Imagine if you will Mike Kirsch playing a pissed-off HÜSKER DÜ. Think sky high wall of guitar plying transcendent BYRDS and BEATLES riffs at 100 miles per hour, blown speakers and bloody fingers. And there’s plenty of surprising changes and razor sharp breakdowns, as well.
(Maximumrocknroll, US)

This is extremely upbeat and raucously brash (yet somewhat frenetically melodic at times) punk rock thunder-roar fury. It?s thick, chunky, richly textured audial liveliness that?s uncannily similar to a turbulent topsy-turvy rollercoaster ride during a full-force brain-rattling hailstorm. Imagine an over-amped distortion-heavy whirlwind cacophony of Husker Du, Bad Religion, Leatherface, Hot Water Music, and Social Distortion dipped headfirst into an enraged lava-spewing volcano. Now drop the entire nuclear arsenal of the former Soviet Union into the fiery volcanic mix, and then run for cover. As the sparks ballistically fly all over the fuckin? place, be sure and listen to the deafening clamor of creation?s final hurrah. That?s the blunt, abrupt, and relentlessly loud sound of Manifesto Jukebox blastin? a new asshole through the earth?s core, buddy boy! Yep, my ears are now appreciatively witnessing some of the most monstrous and moving tuneage ever put to platter. I?m frozen stiff in a paralyzing fit of utterly speechless awe thanks to this sonically conflagrant CD! (Razorcake, US)

Missed this storming Finnish trio in Bradford last November due to having to foot the bill for the cost of repairing my gas boiler! Ah, domestic bliss. Hearing how fucking great this disc is, almost makes me wish id made the trip anyway hell, who needs heat & hot water? Crossing Husher Du (circa 1983-84) with a hint of Rites Of Spring and any number of rough-edged melodic hardcore bands, these 9 songs ingrained their way into my psyche from play number one and i cant reiterate enough how holy the guitar sounds here positively rampaging! Guess some of you will neglect this astoninshing record due to them not being of U.S. origin but if that is the case, it only reinforces what a shithead you are!
(Passivity=Compliance, UK)

Jez, this is hotter than being impaled on a spit roast! Incredible Hot Water Music meets Husker Du punk from Finland the band only seem to be a trio but create a noise of tumultuous standards. That HWM influence is blatantly clear on tracks like the awesome “Our New Lenins” & “Filter”. The bass playing is more straight forward than HWM which creates a drive comparable with that of Shades Apart. The only real pisser is that its only 9 tracks long 19 would have been preferred!
(Scanner, UK)

This is awesome. It is musically similar to Husker Du (similar sort of speed) but rocks more and has rougher vocals and political lyrics. This is a brilliant album with plenty of hooks, pick this up if you get the chance.
(Reason To Believe, UK)

This CD reminds me of the last Satanic Surfers album. If you enjoyed their brand of full out rock and social conscience, by all means seek out these crazy Finns. Their lyrics area tad more pretentious and weighty, but they more than make up for this with some solid rock riffage.
(Caustic Truths, CAN)

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