MAMMATH: Rock Me 7″, 1982, N.W.O.B.H.M. Mint condition. Check sample HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


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MAMMATH – ROCK ME”” Original 1984 UK pressing 7″” vinyl single, IN MINT CONDITION (BOTH SLEEVE, and VINYL) also includes “”Rough ‘N’ Ready””. On NEAT label. Catalogue No: NEAT42.  Mint condition.

mint condition (the single was photographed outdoors and the vinyl looks a bit strange even though it is in mint condition).

Deliberately misspelt in order to avoid confusion with many other bands called Mammoth, but often misspelled in lists, Mammath released one single on Neat Records, NEAT 42.
This is really good stuff. I can see the Y&T comparison from their ‘Earthshaker’ era.
Early-mid 80s hard rock outfit with a Y&T style vocal from former Stallion fella Tony Robson & a suitcase full of twiddly widdly guitar solos.  Neat records  put out one single  Rock Me though the B-side  Rough  n Ready  was considered the stronger of the 2 tracks after the release. They worked very hard playing some major shitholes up & down the country for door money. Marshall, Gibson & Pearl managed that for about 18 months, until bassist Paul Kelly decided enough was enough & went on to do some stuff with Bill Steer prior to his Napalm Death/Carcass thing.

MAMMATH were a Welsh NWOBHM band formed in Merthyr Tydfil in 1984. Guitarist James Rees was a former member of CHINATOWN and frontman Tony Robson had previously been in the West German band STALLION.
Mammath’s only release, a 7″” single entitled “”Rock Me””, was released through Neat Records in 1984.
Bassist Paul Kelly quit in 1985, just before Robson was superseded by vocalist Ian Simmons.
Guitar player Bob Phillips then jumped ship to form AIR-RAIDE with Simmons in late 1985.

James Rees on Discogs
Guitarist James Rees later joined PREYER in time to play on their “”Terminator”” album, after Mammath had finally split.
Other MAMMATH credited players, lead guitarist Huw Lewis and drummer Mike Davies, formed SAMURAI, releasing two albums, “”Sacred Blade”” and “”Weapon Master””.
Drummer Kerry Lovelock reappeared in 1987 as a member of ASHAMATA, alongside ex-members of TOKYO BLADE and TRUFFLE, before then joining RANKELSON.


CHECK a STALLION song on the:

Metal Plated 1983 N.W.O.B.H.M compilation LP. UK Ebony Records. Near Mint condition.

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