MAJESTY OF SILENCE: Darkness has no end CD Self-released – Dark Gothic Metal w. some Black Metal vocals – Samples


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MAJESTY OF SILENCE: Darkness has no enD
1. Persistence 02:33
2. No reason to die 07:29
3. Deadlock 05:05
4. Defender of the Tomb 05:41
5. End of Sorrow 02:04
6. Dying Century 09:12
7. Badlands 06:29
8. Osculum Infame 09:35
9. Existence 04:21
10. Norths Star 09:21
11. Sator Arepo 09:00
12. Silence 00:04

Majesty of silence have been stylistically developed in a positive direction because of “darkness has no end” is melancholic dark and Gothic. This Dark Metal band starts with a decent intro: Especially the quiet keyboard melody and the whispered voices dominate before keyboards and an organ make a choir noticeable and then it really gets going. From the first song of the strange guitar sound stands out. There is more of a buzz, as a full guitar sound. With time you get used to it and you will feel much more the sad keyboard sounds and the clean, and whispered and screaming voices. The drums are more subtle and in the background! Must also mention that the riffs are worth hearing. The bass is barely audible but is quite suitable for the gentle and emotional sounds that distinguish themselves through sphere and melody and now and then that give some variety.
Unusually, on Majesty of silence, all band members contribute vocals. This also explains the vocal variety, talking and whispering about screeching voices and clean all offers. Worth mentioning in particular is the song “Defender of the tomb”, which in addition to a certain catchyness. Gothic riffs, accompanied by a beautiful keyboard melody that digs into the subconscious in the background contains . I believe this is one of the best song of this album that has eleven songs and 71 (!) minutes playing time.

Majesty of silence ein Lied entsteht

Posted by Majesty of silence on Saturday, 8 July 2017


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