MAD CADDIES: Just one More CD PROMO. Dixie Ska punk!!.
MAD CADDIES: Just one More CD PROMO. Dixie Ska punk!!.

MAD CADDIES: Just one More CD PROMO with press release. Dixie Ska punk. Check audio


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Mad Caddies Just One More
Label: Fat Wreck Chords FAT645-2
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 11 Mar 2003
Style: Punk, Ska
1 Drinking For 11 3:55
2 Contraband 1:19
3 Villains 2:14
4 Silence 2:49
5 Just One More 3:26
6 Day By Day 2:47
7 Leavin’ 2:59
8 Rockupation 3:04
9 Last Breath 3:21
10 Spare Change? 3:09
11 Riot 2:28
12 10 West 3:05
13 Good Intentions 3:03
14 Wet Dog 3:09
15 Game Show 3:19
Running time 43:50

Just One More is the fourth full-length release from the Mad Caddies.

I think its the best Mad Caddies record. I’ll just review it song by song.
1. Drinking for 11 : Slow reggae song. I habitually don’t like reggae but this one is sooo good. I like the horns in it. 10/10

2. Contraband : A fast punk-rock song. Its not long but still good and is not pop. Exactly what I like. 8/10

3. Villains : One of the best song on the record. The horn intro is one of the best I ever hear. After starts a fast punk song than the horns and the ska part come again. Its so good. Again, its not pop. 10/10

4. Silence : One of the best song again. Its a real cool ska song (style of The Joust or Medium Unwell on DAC) with an heavy chorus punk-core style with screams. Its different but excellent. 10/10

5. Just One More : Very different from what they habitually do. A kind of reggae mixed with latin music and a punk-horn ending. Its strange to explain built it sound damn good! 9/10

6. Day By Day : A simple punk song with some element of pop in it, but not too much, so its ok. I like it, its not excellent, but still great. 8/10

7. Leavin : Another very good song. The horn part is really cool and entertaining and the lyrics are cool even if they are not poetry with big metaphors in it. 10/10

8. Rockupation : Probably the worst song on the record. Its a king of pop-punk song. Yeah, you probably discovered while reading my review that I hate pop-punk. Well its true. But the lyrics are very good, I like the subject. 6/10

9. Last Breath : One of my favorite song. Don’t know how to call that style but its real cool. The chorus make you want to jump everywhere. 10/10

10. Spare Change? : A good reggae song. Not the best they’ve done but still great. 8/10

11. Riot : A good fast punk-rock song about politics. Well, the lyrics are not real good but the music is. Its good, because we can see that they can come to poppier style without losing their more “hardcore” style. 8/10

12. 10 West : A CLASSIC! An excellent ska song. It is really happy with excellent horn parts. Even if it was the only song on the record, I would’ve buy it. 10/10

13. Good Intentions : I don’t really care about this one. Its not as bad as Rockupation but it just didn’t catch  my attention. 7/10

14. Wet Dog : Very different. The guitar riff is really good and with the horns on the chorus, its just superb. 10/10

15. Game Show : A simple ska song for the ending. Definitely not a classic, but still real good and entertaining. 8/10

Well, this record would be more 4.5/5 but I can’t so I put 4/5 because it doesn’t deserve perfect score cause of some not real good songs such as Rockupation and Good Intentions. But I’m not telling its a bad album. You must be a little bit more open-minded than just  “punk-ska” because there is much more here and some people don’t like that. But, it is, in my opinion, a chef d’oeuvre.


5.0 out of 5 stars So good!,
Opening with the awesome reggae ballad Drinking For 11, I could really get into the album. There were a lot of horns on this album, and a large variety of songs for them to be in. I was overly satisfied with how the album turned out, and whoever says that the album isn’t punk enough hasn’t heard Contraband. Wonderful album, is now up there with my other favorites!


5.0 out of 5 stars Most Excellent Album,
I listen to it again with an open mind and really love it. I felt this wasn’t a Ska album but a Rock with Horns album and it is an amazing album. The musicianship is practically unmatched. These are people who know how to play their instruments and how to play them in harmony with each other. recommended for the Rock fan and the Ska fan. Its good old rock and roll and incredibly good. top songs “Drinking for 11” “Day by Day” “Rockupation” “Good Intentions”.

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