LYZANXIA Mind Crimes CD and a 20 page comic book RARE. Thrash metal a la newer Kreator. Check videos and audio (whole album).


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This is destined to be a masterpiece. You might as well jump on the band wagon now, before it runs you over. LYZANXIA combine the progressive songwriting that marks
the best of neo Euro-metal with the unbridled fury of the best of 80s thrash metal. Into the mix they introduce just a hint of the ultra-violent approach to metal brought to the foreground by the Death bands of Scandinavia and Florida circa 1993. The sum of the parts has got to be heard to be believed. Maybe we should call this scythe metal because it is an album that will cut a broad swath across metallic genres mowing down fans across the board. Another critic made the observation that if this album had been released by an American band (instead of a French one) that everyone would be in awe. This CD is so impressive that I can’t believe it won’t garner the attention it deserves regardless

01 Time Dealer 04:16
02 Medulla Need 03:58
03 Damnesia 04:28
04 Mind split 04:21
05 dusk 03:53
06 game time 03:46
07 my blank confession 04:16
08 black side 05:46
09 Silence Code 04:36
10 D.M. 04:21
11 fugitive 04:22
12 glass house 04:32

+ 20 page comic book

‘Mindcrimes’. The band worked once again with Fredrik Nordström, achieving impressive results together marked by the clear branding of the LYZANXIA style and sound on ‘Mindcrimes’.
On October 2nd 2002, Japan (King Records) became the first country to distribute ‘Mindcrimes’, which was immediately embraced by the Japanese media and fans. ‘Mindcrimes’ received the score of 86/100 in the highly respected Burnn! Magazine, which put the band in the top five scores out of seventy releases reviewed in that issue. To support the album, LYZANXIA shot a video for the track silence Code’ with director Yohann Jouin and for ‘Medulla Need’ with director Guillaume Pin.
‘Mindcrimes’ was released in the USA on March 9th 2004 and a couple of months later in part of Europe. Lyzanxia even got voted “best newcomer of the year 2004” by the readers of German magazine Rock Hard. And because the album was embraced by the fans and the media in the US, Reality Entertainment decided to launch a full US tour in Sept. and Oct. 2004, which enabled LYZANXIA to play all over the US and Canada.

4.0 out of 5 stars UNSU=雲手 



5.0 out of 5 stars This is the best thrash metal band out there that nobody knows about 
It’s just ashame, nobody knows who they are. they are Lyzanxia and they play really good thrash metal and they are from France, yes France. The vocals are a little more streamlined or just more under control, not much but they are compared to there last 2 cd’s.

This is an Excellent cd to start with if you have never heard of these guys, it took me a few spins to get into it compared to Mind crimes but still this cd is amazing. the energy these guys have is amazing, the production was beefed up a tad on this cd, which is fine by me, it’s a little slower paced then Mind Crimes but not much.

I personally would recommend both Mind Crimes and Unsu to buy at the same time, you will not be disappointed. this is hands down one of the best thrash bands out there and one of the most overlooked and underrated band out there.

Looks like the french finally have something to be proud of. my bad they got that Eiffel tower thing too. ;]

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