LOVE.45: Larger Than Life CD [Alternative, Pop, Rock, hard rock + Elvis Presley cover] ..


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LOVE.45: Larger Than Life


Larger Than Life is Love.45s third full length CD release. The band members are Paul Trinidad, lead guitar, Micki Shivers, vocals and rhythm guitar, Danny Elster, bass, and Jim Messina, drums. They give us 11 original songs, 2 of which have never even been heard live before and a surprise Elvis remake at the end. Rock and Roll that is Larger than Life.

1. Just Lie to Me 2. Come Undone 3. Transparent 4. Wish That I was Here 5. Lost Along the Way 6. Smile 7. The Hey Song 8. Naked 9. Turned Around 10. Charmed Life 11. Even if I Could 12. Burning Love

* Style: Alternative Pop/Rock ala Stone Temple Pilots

Following up its self-titled début album, Love.45 doesn’t miss a power pop beat during “Just Lie to Me.” Immediately noticeable are the sweet backing harmonies that litter the record. A ’60s pop feeling imbues “Wish That I Was Here,” an above-average tune in the style of Starling or Bash & Pop. Guitarist Paul Trinidad Jr. and bassist Danny Elster shine on the hard rock groove of the nearly six-minute “Lost Along the Way,” sounding similar to a youthful Stone Temple Pilots. “The Hey Song” pushes all the right buttons as it slowly builds to a lovable chorus. Another generally feel-good song is the rollicking rocker “Naked.” When lead singer Micki Shivers plays the snarling victim in songs such as “Charmed Life,” the songs seem to resonate better. An amusing finale is the cover of an Elvis Presley staple called “Burning Love.” The band seems perfect in a hard rock stomp through the tune.

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