LOST IN TWILIGHT: Planeteer CD Finnish Gothic / Black Metal with power and great melody. Check 3 samples


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Finnish Gothic Metal at its best. The band creates an epic sound that is fast and catchy yet melodic and melancholic, a truly unique atmosphere. They are constantly gaining popularity. Internet users around the world downloaded their songs, more than 160 thousand times! A great combination of new-wave Black Metal intensity and Dark Metal-ish smooth vocals and melodies.

Lost In Twilight   Planeteer
Label: Sound Riot Records ? SRP 010
Format: CD, Mini-Album
Country: Finland
Released: 20 Feb 2001
Genre: Goth Rock, Doom Metal
1 Planeteer 6:56
2 As Mist Descends 5:46
3 Lost Generation 5:51
4 Vaya Con Diablos 5:55

Produced by Lost In Twilight
Recorded and mixed at Happy Road studios
Engineered by Marko Tetri
Cover artwork and booklet design by Kristian Jokela

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Sound Riot Records
Playing time: 24:28
Finlands Metal-tree, the next fruit Some might have read that a band called DIVERCIA will shortly release an album via Hammerheart Records. LOST IN TWILIGHT had been their earlier name and under that they had released the MCD “Planeteer”.
I hear Melodic Metal, I hear HIM, I hear a little SENTENCED, everything mixed together. Dark, clean vocals, here and there a few Death Metal-vocals, everything very melodic, here more Gothic, there more Melodic, but everything with the more or less typical Finnish touch in the melodies and also the vocals.

Especially at “As Mist Descends” HIM are shining through everywhere, also “Lost Generation” is very influenced by HIM and a little SENTENCED, yet moving on a little faster than on the previous track. As counterparts to them we get the swift opener “Planeteer”, where they combine melodic Metal with clean and the already mentioned Death Metal-vocals and the similar “Vaya Con Diablos” at the end, where they only use the clean voice. An altogether very nice mixture, which, altogether, could best be described as Gothic Metal.

For a young band a quite good debut-effort, the HIM-influence is a little too big in the two middle songs, but that they have real potential is proved by the two very good “Planeteer” and especially “Vaya Con Diablos”.

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