LITTLE CAESAR: Influence CD. Original, 1st press 1992, RARE. Top US Hard Rock. Check video “Stand Up” + all songs (audio)


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The band was founded late in the 1980s by Ron Young, who had previously worked as a nightclub bouncer. The group independently released an EP which led to their signing with DGC Records, a subsidiary of Geffen Records, in 1989. John Kalodner did A&R work for the group, and Bob Rock produced their début self-titled album, which was released in 1990 to positive reviews. On the strength of the singles “Chain of Fools” and “In Your Arms”, Little Caesar hit number 139 on the US Billboard 200 in 1990.
Despite the groups chart success, they had problems maintaining a popular image, due in part to their heavily tattooed membership. They remained with DGC/Geffen for a sophomore release, Influence in 1992, but neither Rock nor Kalodner continued working with them. By this time, guitarist Apache had left and was replaced with Earl Slick. After Influence failed to sell well (which was not surprising as many glam metal albums did not sell well in this period due to the rise of alternative rock, which DGC – initially a metal/progressive rock label – began to embrace) the group disbanded. Ron Young later went on to sing in The Four Horsemen, Manic Eden .

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LITTLE CAESAR – Influence ORIGINAL CD David Geffen company records / BMG 1992 rare true

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Release date
26 May 1992
Running length
10 tracks
Running time

Track List:
1. Stand Up 4:12
2. You’re Mine 3:18
3. Turn My World Around 3:50
4. Rum and Coke 3:33
5. Ballad of Johny 5:40
6. Ain’t Got It 4:59
7. Slow Ride 5:36
8. Pray for Me 3:52
9. Ridin’ On 4:34
10. Piece of the Action 4:27

Total Running Time: 44:01

Ron Young – lead vocals
Louren Molinare – guitar
Earl Slick – guitar
Fidel Paniagua – bass and background vocals
Tom Morris – drums
Additional Musicians:
Duck – B3 organ
Gary Corbett – piano

Produced by Howard Benson and Little Caesar.

A little more polished than there first but still a solid album. All the songs are enjoyable and sound really good.. If you loved the first album you will not be disappointed. Grab a Rum N Coke and have fun!!!

LITTLE CAESAR – STAND UP Official video:

The third release from this outlaw band of tattooed bikers, picked right up where their self-titled album left off. Influence kicks off with “Stand Up” and never lets up. “You’re Mine”, “Slow Ride” (which is choke full of Little Caesars famous double ententes), “Ain’t Got It” and an ode to my favorite cocktail, “Rum and Coke”, really rock. The slower numbers are the heart wrenching “Ballad Of Johnny” and “Ridin’ On”.
Ron Young’s bluesy drawl was in fine form and with the addition of renowned guitarist Earl Slick, the band had never sounded better. Its also interesting to note that Little Caesar appeared on the popular TV series “Unsolved Mysteries” earlier in their career. This band was excellent, and their brand of bluesy/soulful hard rock deserved far more recognition then they ever received. Little Caesar and Ron Young were one of the best of the genre, and this release easily gets two thumbs up!

Very good hard-bar-driving rock from Mr Ron Young and co. Much alike with their debut album. Best tracks “Stand Up”, “Ballad of Johny” and the best of all “Piece of the Action”.If you wanna listen to something before you go out, this is an excellent choice.

Great album! “Ballad of Johnny” has got to be the best anti-suicide song there is. Track for track this is a very strong disc. Songs are catchy and gritty at the same time. Earl Slick is one of the most underrated guitarists around.

Usually I have little tolerance for gruff, raspy vocalists such as Ron Young, but there is simply no denying the quality of hard rock on this album. Songs like “Stand Up” just reach out, seize you by the ears, and refuse to let go, like a woman needing some tender tongue attention. Regardless of your tastes in singers, you’ll be glad to put yourself under the influence of this band.

Way worth checking out. Great bluesy “biker” whisky rock here and “Ballad Of Johhny” is the standout track on this disc. First album had more “catchy” choruses and riffs while this one has more of a 70’s hard rock feel towards it. Ron Young does have a great voice!!!
Buy this CD right now!! You don’t know what you’re missing!!

ITS AWESOME. Damn that’s a good band.

Great album. It kicks ass. Great band.
Ron young also sang on 2 songs on earl slick’s solo album in your face.

i liked their debut album very much and i hoped that i’m gonna like their second one too. and i do. Ron’s voice is great and the whole band works great here. my fav: Stand Up (the best song here), You’re Mine, Rum and Coke and Ballad of Johny.

amazing follow up to their first jewel.not at the same level but highly recommended. Always a great production and a top class singer.keep on rocking. No bonus on the japan import. Love this band. “Turn My World Around”,”Ballad Of Johnny”(nice),”Ain’t Got It” & “Pray For Me” are my faves off this record…97/100


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