LITTLE ANGELS: Young Gods CD. Original, 1st press. (Polydor 847 846-2 1991 U.K) Check videos “Boneyard”, “Young Gods (stand up, stand up)”, “I ain’t gonna cry”, “Product of the working Class”


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Tracks –
Back Door Man
Young Gods (stand up, stand up)
I ain’t gonna cry
The Wildside of Life
Product of the working Class
Thats My kinda Life
Juvenile Defender
Love is a Gun
Sweet Love Sedation
Smoke in My Eyes
Natural Born Fighter
Feels like the World has come undone
featuring the Angels Anthem

Singles off this album:
“Boneyard” (1991) UK #33
“Product of the Working Class” (1991) UK #40
“Young Gods” (1991) UK #34
“I Ain’t Gonna Cry” (1991) UK #26

5.0 out of 5 stars Young Gods of British rock,
The Little Angels were a prominent rock band in England in the late ’80s and early to mid ’90s. In their too short career they achieved a vast amount of success due to explosive live shows, excellent song writing and a dedicated fan base.

The American version of Young Gods is slightly different than the British one. Sacrificing Love is a gun and Smoke in my eyes for Radical your lover and She’s a little angel, both from their previous album.

Success in America eluded them unfortunately and they called it a day before the world got to know them. A shame.

5.0 out of 5 stars Stand up, stand up,
Little Angels was a UK band that delivered melodic rock with plenty of swagger. While their style was similar to Thunder, and to some extent the (London) Quireboys, Little Angels had a healthy appreciation for classic rock like the Doors, Janis Joplin, etc.

1991s Young Gods was the bands second album. Its packed full of barroom rockers that are guaranteed to get you on your feet. I love the heavy use of a horn section to add some punch to these already fun songs. Young Gods has great melodies, great guitar work, bluesy vocals and just a good bunch of fun rock n’ roll songs.

Little Angels should appeal to anyone who likes their rock n’ roll loud and fun, and Young Gods definitely has that covered. Morose, intellectual alt-rockers need not apply.

Of the 4 full albums released this is by far the best. Such kicking tunes from the start and it doesn’t stop. Highly recommended if you are into bands like Bon Jovi and the like. Nice work man.

US version differs from this the European release which has 2 substituted tracks. Obviously 2 more radio friendly tracks were put onto the U.S. release above to help crack the market. Track 9 was originally Love Is A Gun, and track 11 was Smoke In My Eyes. Two excellent songs that were more in the spirit of the rest of the album. Those details out of the way, this is an excellent album either side of the Atlantic.

The one i have is very English. Love is a Gun 9/10 excellent track!

They had the teenybopper appeal, but they also had great songs. This is a strong album track for track. I still pop this one in from time to time.

Yes, they have a teeny image at first glance, but in fact their musical skills are far beyond. They are like talented clever school boys. The songs in the album are still relevant melodies in today time. “”I ain’t gonna cry”” is still a nice ballad. “”The wildside of life”” has a very sweet piano solo. In this copy there are two beautiful songs which are not included here: “”Love is a gun”” and “”Smoke in my eyes””. Highly recommended for pop-metal fans.

Killer album!!!

It reminds me a bit of Bon Jovi Keep The Faith. The best thing on this, is Bruce Dickinson guitar solos, that still remain incredible!

I picked this disc up years ago and it really has some great songs on it. I like the way they incorporate the horns into the music. My fave songs are tracks 4,7,11 and track 13 Feel Like the World Has Come Undone is a killer ballad.

Another very good album from the Angels ! Feels Like the World Has Come Undone is my fave on this album. Product of the Working Class and Radical Yor Lover are awesome as well. These guys put a almost rock opera sound on there songs and pull it off very well. Recommended.

Yeah guys recommendable album!!! …Toby Jepson (lead singer)is awesome in here…””That My Kinda Life” “Sweet Love Sedation”” & “”Radical Your Lover”” are my 3 faves off the album but another goodies such as “”Boneyard” “Young Gods(Stand Up, Stand Up) “”I Ain’t Gonna Cry””(solid mid tempo),””product Of The Working Class”” ( ) ,””She A Little Angel””(excellent) & “”Feels Like The World Has Come Undone”” (great vocal/piano song) are also pretty worth too…in general lines a fine release…94/100″

Little Angels 1991 Young Gods tour 49 dates, 9 countries. 24 in the UK

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