LIFEDUZT: Influenced by others CD (sealed). Super Rare (26! tracks) from their whole career! Hardcore.


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Hardcore band Lifeduzt has holed itself up in a Bellevue home studio with the sole purpose of avoiding the rock n roll lifestyle to concentrate on what really matters to them, the rock n roll. Lifeduzt work fast. Their new album, Influenced By Others, features twenty-six tracks and runs close to eighty minutes long. Duzt (bass, guitars, and vocals) explains the discs content, “The first thirteen tracks are the tracks actually written for the album. So those are all the heavier hardcore stuff. The last thirteen tracks are kind of bonus songs that are just whatever else,” Life continues, Demo version quality, acoustic, and some crazy stuff recorded in the old house that will never be remade. The duo has concentrated most of their music towards the heaviest end of the musical spectrum, but they have recently begun to find other genres and ideas springing up inside of them. This has included writing acoustic indie styled singer-songwriter material. Duzt explains, Life finally realized that he doesn’t need me to write songs, and that spurred a lot of the acoustic stuff that he writes. I’m not as much of a solo artist, but I do some of that when I come up with it. I particularly enjoy the hardcore stuff.”

Influenced By: Tool, Stabbing Westward, Pantera


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