LIBIDO BOYZ: Opgu CD Punk / Rock / Progressive. Check videos.


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Opgu Punk / Rock / Progressive
When Metal Blade records were still signing experimental and innovative bands and M.F.N was brave enough to market and distribute such bands. Those years are long gone now!

This band is  awesome.

Track listing:

1 Lunchtime 2:28
2 Anything 3:15
3 Godzilla 4:15
4 Pissed To Be Alive 2:39
5 The Path 3:37
6 Best Friend 3:35
7 Mr. Greenthumb 4:02
8 Ghia 4:56
9 Mind’s Eye 2:05
10 Childhood Memories 4:55

Live performance of best friend original Midwest hardcore / punk-rock from the late 80s live at the Elks Lodge in Mason City, IA.

And this is video footage of the Libido Boyz playing their reunion show – Oct 6th, 2007 in Mankato, MN.

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