LIAR: Liar's Hell CD [ hardcore Metal] -Check audio samples.

LIAR: Liar’s Hell CD [ hardcore Metal] -Check audio samples.


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This an example of a short-haired hard core mob who has spend lots of time listening to Metal music. Their lyrics deal with issues such as earth liberation, straight edge, animal rights, and other social issues. Liar has delivered an interesting record as far as I am concerned. What they play they play well and they seem to be pouring their hearts into what they are doing. They are offering a very intensive record that should appeal to fans of both extreme Metal and hardcore. Some songs remind me of (old) Crowbar. Lets hope that this is going to be the case indeed

1 Peacekeeper (4:49)
2 Sons Of Judas (3:11)
3 Monkey-Wrench (4:15)
4 Mans Ruin (3:17)
5 Creations Blood (5:12)
6 The Return (3:04)
7 Burn It Down (4:50)
8 Frozen Heart (2:54)
9 Infernus Mendacis (2:51)

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