LEX TALIONIS: The Supreme Aggression CD digipak. Technical Death Metal. Check audio (full album)


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8 tracks Second release of this French band. Still sick, brutal and melodic with a lot of good ideas and influences taken from classic music repertory. This band is very inventive. Imagine you can a mix of Malmsteen and Nocturnus with blasting drums! Lex Talionis is a band with an affirmed musical identity and I have to say this opus is a success; powerful parts and varied breaks with excellent production. Nothing to add…sublime!

1. Endless End 04:36
2. Soul Mirror 03:33
3. Strength and Honour 03:58
4. Cyborg 04:18
5. Rises the Soul of Nature Immortal Myth 04:17
6. Leaving the Grave of Submission 03:36
7. Doomed to Kill 03:57
8. Eternal Shadow of Mute Desire 04:32
Total playing time 32:54

This album definitely lives up to its title.The most common element here is definitely the vocals. Jeremy has a low growl that has something primal about it and it comes forth in powerful, short, rhythmic chunks, somewhat bitten off. It is reminiscent of the way Nergal (Behemoth) sometimes barks out his lyrics, for example in the vocal introduction of their Decade of Therion track. It sounds pissed off and intense, and these emotional factors influence the rest of the music, giving it an extra dimension where it could otherwise sound too lifeless and mechanic.

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