LEGS DIAMOND: Fire Power LP 1979 The 3rd lp, w. inner with lyrics photos “You’ve Lost That Lovin Feelin” cover. Check audio.


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Legs Diamond was an obscure hard rock/heavy metal band from the late ’70s. Founding members Michael Diamond (bass) and Jeff Poole (drums) were originally from the San Francisco area, but it wasn’t until the duo relocated to Los Angeles that they found the missing pieces to the puzzle¬† singer Rick Sanford, guitarist Roger Romeo, and keyboard player/guitarist Mike Prince resulting in a recording contract with Mercury. 1977 saw a pair of releases, a self-titled debut and A Diamond Is a Hard Rock, and although they supported both albums with arena tours opening for such major rock acts as Styx, Ted Nugent, and Kiss, neither failed to dent the charts. Shortly after a switch to the independent Cream label a year later, Legs Diamond issued their third release overall, Fire Power.

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1 The Underworld King— Diamond, Romeo 3:39
2 More Than Meets the Eye– Patto 2:59
3 You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’— Mann, Spector, Weil 3:33 [Cover: The Righteous Brothers]
4 Remember My Name– Romeo 4:36
5 Chicago Diamond–, Romeo 3:05
6 Midnight Lady– Diamond, Prince 3:42
7 Help Wanted– Bond 3:30
8 Come With Me– Romeo 4:08
9 Tragedy –Diamond, Romeo 3:25
10 Man at the Top— 4:07

Classic melodic hard rock from the underworld kings. This band ROCKS! A great band, and this is probably their best album. “”Tragedy”” is an all-time classic.

probably one of the best bands of the 70 and this is their best effort. You must listen this early album, worth listening a must for rock fans.


Great album. It has some classic cuts on it.


5.0 out of 5 stars God, it so good.
This Album Rulz!!!!!! I can’t believe this stuff doesn’t get any airplay. Every song on here is so good! My serious favorite is “”Remember My Name.”” It a really thoughtful piece, belying their rock-and-roll attitude. Same with “”Tragedy.”” That song got me through a nasty break-up with someone I thought was the love of my life. I think that song helped me realize how life just rolls on, even if real tragedies seem to be happening. Two awesome covers, too–“”You’ve lost that Lovin’ feeling”” and “”Help Wanted.”” The latter I think is so far better than the original. These guys should’ve been huge.


5.0 out of 5 stars TRAGEDY
The tragedy here is that most people haven’t even heard of Legs Diamond, but if you listen to this you’ll like it and believe me you will remember their name. This, their third release, is not quite a concept album, but most of the songs are stylized so that it seems that way. The keyboard work of Mike Prince almost makes you feel like you are in Chicago with Legs Diamond and the past is alive and well. The only catch: that guitar, those drums, the bass and searing vocals.
This album, although different, is a masterpiece that Cream records unfortunately released and also failed to promote. There are no slackers on this, just like the first two Mercury releases. Listening to this, I frequently feel like I am in a smokey lounge with a ragtime piano player, but wait there an excellent rock band there with him. Yeah, I dream a lot, but what of it. Good music does that for me.
The finest tracks would have to be “”Tragedy””, “”Remember My Name””, “”Underworld King”” and “”Come With Me””.
This band has balls to go out on a limb like this, but it is all great stuff. I highly recommend this to all. It like a breath of the past from the present.
Pick this up. It is definitely ear candy!


5.0 out of 5 stars Legs Diamond Rules
This is the third album,and it is a great cd. This band has great talent and their music just don’t sound all the same like most bands. If you like rock and roll you will like this LP


5.0 out of 5 stars Better than I expected
I wish I had known about lesser-known ’70s bands like Legs and Starz when I was a kid, but better late than never. Sure there is a mixture of pop, rock, blues, ballads, and a cover, but it works! My favorite songs are the rocking Underworld King, the heartfelt ballad Remember My Name, the bluesy Chicago, the great cover of Help Wanted, the catchy Tragedy, and Man At The Top with its amusing lyrics. The cover of You’ve Lost That Lovin Feelin is better than I thought but it could have been left off. I suppose that was their stab at a radio hit. It no reason to reject the rest of the album though. It a shame that this band did not make it big, but they left behind some excellent 70 hard rock!!!!

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