LEGION: Conqueror CD. Indiana U.S.A Death Metal. Check audio (whole album, all songs)


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Check audio:   https://legiondhr.bandcamp.com/album/conqueror

The best way to describe LEGION…. Brutal and Devastating American Death Metal. For over 20 years this band has been playing brutal fucking Death Metal and has grown into legend within the Midwest Death Metal scene. Drummer and founding member Dave Dalton has been creating music in the Indiana underground metal scene for over 25 years, since his involvement starting in the late 80’s as the drummer for RATZKRIEG another well known and legendary Thrash band from Indiana. LEGION create meticulous and complex Death Metal that pummels with a heaviness and non cliché groove. Yet another eccentric release on DHR…

Legion – Conqueror
Label: Dark Horizon Records – DHR 005
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 2000
Genre: Death Metal
1 Centuries 9:52
2 Predominant Will 5:01
3 Trust In Fate (One’s Own Undoing) 4:39
4 Discern 4:34
5 Evergrey 5:20
6 Plague Of Indifference 1:01
7 Infested Earth 3:37
8 Curtains 3:15
9 (No Audio) 0:04

Bass, Vocals – Daniel Isley
Drums – David Dalton
Guitar – Jared Southwick, Sean King
Photography – Tracy Smart
Producer, Engineer – David Dalton (tracks: 1 to 6, 9)

Tracks 1 – 6 were recorded in 1997.
Track 7 was recorded in 1994 and is taken from the
Blissful Misery demo.
Track 8 was recorded in 1992 and is taken from the Legion demo.
Legion from Muncie, IN 47308.


brutal death from Indiana!! – 98%
Imagine my surprise when, just last year, I learned that Indiana actually has a heavy metal scene. Heavy metal was not something I associated with Indiana. In fact I never really knew of any other metalheads other than myself (at least in my area of the state). But apparently there are more metalheads out there, and there is actually a fairly good metal scene here. One of the bands I have heard so far are brutal death metal band Legion, based out of Muncie. Legion consists of Daniel Isley (bass/vocals), Jared Soutwick (guitars), Sean King (guitars), and David Dalton (drums).

So what will one find upon listening to Conqueror? Most would probably think that since Legion are a brutal death metal band, then it will be nothing but senseless blasting throughout, with hardly a break in the speed. Well you are correct in the fact that there are blast beats, however drummer David Dalton does not stick to simply blasting away. Instead you also get treated to plenty of double bass, as well as varied rhythms throughout. The bass is audible throughout the album, in fact it reminds me of Alex Webster’s bass sound on most Cannibal Corpse albums. Isley’s vocals are a medium range growl, delving a little deeper here and there, but never reaching the true guttural level of some death metal vocalists (ie Jamie Bailey-vocalist of Brodequin). Guitars are fairly good, though nothing overly outstanding, but still that is not deny the abilities of Southwick and King. Far from it, these guys do write some good memorable riffs and are certainly talented guitar players.

If you like brutal death metal, certainly check out this band. Some would say it is nothing overly original, which may be true, but it is still a great release.

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