LED ASTRAY: Denying the Inevitable CD. RARE Self-released. Technical Brutal Death / Thrash Metal. Check video


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Label Self-released
Genre Technical Brutal Death Metal
Running time 24:39

Utrecht based metal band Led Astray simply plays metal the way the band members themselves like to hear it: a dynamic hybrid of death and thrash and although the band is not religious, there are undercurrents of spirituality in their lyrics. Led Astray was founded in 2002 by guitarists Martijn and Rogier with the intention of creating a refreshing mix of death and thrash in which the two styles complement each other seamlessly without sounding generic or attempting to be original. In search of the remaining band members auditions were held after which Jona (drums), Melvin (vocals) and Yorick (bass) completed the line-up.

In 2004 the band self-released a six-track CD entitled Denying the Inevitable, which received praising reviews by the international metal press.


technical death/thrash band that made a strong impact with their self-released debut, Denying the Inevitable.
They have the chops, playing a breed of music that is as much Carnal Forge as it is Cannibal Corpse.
Some parts really work and come across in a vein similar to countrymen Callenish Circle, but that’s usually when they are working a straight death or straight thrash moment. Shattered Incomplete is the best example here of the bands potential.

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 24:39
Band homepage: Led Astray

1. Exceed the Feeling of Nothing 04:08
2. The Apocalypse Foretold 04:16
3. The Spiralling Path 03:51
4. Moral Perception 04:04
5. Digging Upwards 04:15
6. Shattered Incomplete 04:02

LED ASTRAY, another band surfacing from the well established Dutch Death Metal scene. SINISTER, HOUWITSER, SEVERE TORTURE, PESTILENCE, ASPHYX, to name a few, are proofs that the Dutchmen know how to vent their anger into fine Death Metal. As some of these bands either ceased to exit, or simply stopped writing good music, newcomers are always welcomed. Not that I think the Dutch metal scene is boring, but no scene is able to survive unless it has new bands filling the gaps of those who left.

LED ASTRAY is intended for those who like their Death Metal down-tuned and at times very fast. LED ASTRAY doesn’t flinch from using the blast beats, but compared to other bands within the genre, lets say DERANGED, they let their drummer away pretty easy. Not that I’m dragging the abilities of the drummer in the dirt. The different blast parts scattered around, demonstrates his abilities in speed freak mode also. Fortunately the rest of the band members didn’t start playing yesterday either, each of them capable of the tasks they have given themselves. And their task is to play Death Metal, no synths, no clean vocals, just pure unadulterated Death Metal.

My first words of honour go to the vocalist, Melvin Buskermolen, especially his low vocal type. I don’t exaggerate when I say its among the top. I think his Black Metal shriek skills could do with some more practice, but they aren’t to be considered a flaw in any way. As I see each member as good musician, I think its on the song writing they have most to gain. Whenever they play it slow or decide to go into warp speed they are at the top of their game. The good thing for LED ASTRAY is that their record “Denying The Inevitable” doesn’t use the mid-tempo boredom to such an extent that it becomes a major flaw.

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