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Check samples, free for orders of £20+

1 Alone
2 Lies
3 Last to Die
4 Sunny Aftertaste
5 Star
6 I don’t Care
7 Dirty Days
8 Nothing Worst
9 Incomplete

Lazy bums were born in the summer of 1996 just for playing grunge rock. The five performers love unconditionally 70s hard rock and American bands like Soundgarden , Nirvana and Pearl Jam and this is the sound that they present in their songs. Playing this kind of music in the Italian country of 1996 was not so simple especially with English lyrics and really energetic live sets.

So they have to wait for 10 years to get an agency of management and an indie label. In those ten years Lazy Bums played around Italy in many clubs and played gigs as opening act for Jethro Tull, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Cazals and The Others.

Their sound was influenced by the live experiences and its powerful and massive, so they wanted to have this wall of sound in their studio records too.

They self produced the first album on June of 2005 at Vertical Vision Studio of Milan, recorded and mixed by Marco Trentacoste (Deasonika) and mastered at Nautilus Studio of Milan by Antonio Baglio. This album plays straight and powerful with tracks like Lies ,Last to die and Dirty days really Seattle sound, ballads like Sunny aftertaste and Incomplete, stoner song like I dont care, Star which remember the sound of Led Zeppelin and the blues of Nothing worst. The track Alone, that opens the album, is an intimate ballad performed by voice and piano only.

Thanks to this first album Lazy Bums tried to get a contract with the Alkemist Fanatix Europe, high agency of management , and then they got distribution for it with Uk Division Records.

Lazy Bums realized a video clip of their song I dont care directed by Fabio Breccia ( Mtv Italy directors) on line at

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