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Full-length, Private Print 2003
Recorded and mixed between 9 and 21 december 2002 at Nadir Studio (Genova) by Tommy Talamanca (Sadist)
1. Intro 00:17
2. Against War 02:37
3. Mind´s Prison 04:05
4. Psycho Killer (re-registered) 04:22
5. Skeleton (re-registered) 04:15
6. Kaldemonium 04:47
7. Without Face 04:15
8. Prelude 01:06
9. Paradise Lost (re-registered) 04:33
10. Coma 04:14
11. Poisonous (re-registered) 04:10
Total playing time 38:46

LAST RITES have already been active in the underground since 1987 and have laid down demo after demo since then, until they ranked first in a new comer contest among 22 participants and so also drew the attention of some labels. The Two Fat Men label, which is unknown to me, was successful and releases the Italians official debut, which consists of the best demo songs and some completely new tunes.

A good mixture of Bay Area stuff a la METALLICA, MEGADETH or TESTAMENT with a slight Death Metal touch is to be amazed at. Rather uncommon for Italy, but even there, there are harder like NECRODEATH or MORTUARY DRAPE which are quite heavy. But the aggro music of LAST RITES isnt exactly as rough as that, it rips thoroughly and the songs, always melodic nevertheless, also spread a moving flair. However the material cannot really blow me away, but some people may have a different opinion. It is a fact that songs, that have a certain something and mill themselves into your brain, are missing.

But the crackers Kaldemonium, Coma and Poisonous are already going straight in this direction. Anyway, the four guys blast through these eleven songs with very good technique and a thorough portion of energy.

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