LAST LAUGH: Meet us where we are today CD. King Crimson, Kings X, PRIMUS, LED ZEPPELIN Check audio, whole album


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LAST LAUGH: Meet us where we are today
Starting out in late 1992, Swedish trio LAST LAUGH began creating alternative heavy rock influenced by bands like KINGs X, PRIMUS and the 70s LED ZEPPELIN and KING CRIMSON. In 1996 LAST LAUGH decided to try to gain attention with a self produced CD EP instead of demo cassettes. LAST LAUGH recorded three new songs and “Our spot on the planet earth” resulted in a record deal with Swedish independent label Record Heaven. In the middle of 1998 the Last Laugh full-length album “Meet Us Where We Are Today” was released and got great reviews both in Sweden and abroad.





Track Listings:
1. Busy (7:03)
2. Present (3:35)
3. Peace (5:45)
4. Meet Me Where I Am Today (5:41)
5. Panic (4:28)
6. Is There Anywhere (5:02)
7. Regards (5:11)
8. Ultimate Unity (4:09)
9. The Last World (6:12)

Total Time: 47:27
– Stene / bass, lead vocals
– Wallin / guitars, vocals
– T-Mox / drums & percussion
– Ostnytt / saxophone

– Malin / keyboard effects

some excerpts was included as video projections in the live performance “Be” (2004) by Pain of Salvation (Diffidentia).

Amazing, simply delightful King Crimson meets Kings X. Think Red, think Dogman. We will be hearing more from this band – I hope. Very cool, very hard, and freshly unique. Recommended John W. Patterson, Progression Magazine, US

High class! Creative song writingOriginal A new band to lay our ears on Sweden Rock Magazine

original and highly refined heavy rock for our time, performed by glittering musicians Tarkus Magazine, Norway

surely a disc you’ll play again and again. Highly recommended, Rating: Clayton Walnum,, US

A colourful mix-up of style Highly original, Canada

One of the strongest and most ambitious debuts of the contemporary progressive scene completely original and in many ways innovative. Lovers of Prog-Metal should be simply amazed with this album!, Uzbekistan

combining Thought Industry, Saigon Kick and King Crimson with a tribal stomp surely capable of taking you far into arrangements and ideas outside our often constricted metal box Hard Radio, US

The music moves like an overweight armadillo, when Last laugh squeeze out their tunes. A great band with lots of musical twists and turns and brick heavy guitars. A definitive check-out! The Encyclopaedia of Swedish Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal, Sweden

Sensational new band from Scandinavia amazing! Andy Garibaldi, CD-Services Scotland

Really well done stuff, and highly recommended

I loved the CD! Its fantastic. You guys are great musicians, keep up the good work! Doug Pinnick, Kings X

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