LACUNA COIL: Halflife EP Digipak. Very rare fold out digipak. Check audio


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Very rare fold out digipak only released in Lacuna Coils native Italy. This is very rare and collectible. Some tracks lean slightly (only very slightly) over to the death metal side (because of Ferros vocal style). Never the less ‘Halflife’ is still essential.

Halflife EP by Lacuna Coil
Released 2000
Recorded January 2000
Genre Gothic metal
Length 20:23
Label Century Media
Producer Waldemar Sorychta
Halflife is an EP by the Italian rock band Lacuna Coil, released in 2000 by Century Media. The EP contains 5 tracks. A slightly altered version of the track Senzafine would later appear on international releases of their 2001 full-length album

Track listing:
“Halflife” 5:01
“Trance Awake” 2:00
“Senzafine” 3:55 [1 of the only 2 song in their career to have Italian lyrics. Its a combination of 2 Italian words, “senza” (without) and “fine” (end), so it means something like “Neverending” or “Endless”]
“Hyperfast” 4:57
“Stars” 4:33 (Dubstar cover)
Total time: 20min. + 23 seconds

Bass, keyboards, programmed by Marco Coti Zelati
Drums, programmed by Cristiano Mozzati
Guitars – Cristiano Migliore, Marco Biazzi

Producer, mixed by – Waldemar Sorychta

the cover for the EP was designed by LACUNA COILs bassist – Marco Coti Zelati.

Half-Life was released in 2000 with five songs, entitled “Half Life”, “Hyperfast”, “Stars”, (A cover of a Dubstar single. “Stars”, the best-selling single by Dubstar, received a wide variety of play time in clubs), “Trance Awake”, and a demo version of a future song, “Senzafine.” “Senzafine” was added onto the bands next big project: their 2001 album Unleashed Memories. The Unleashed Memories version is slightly different. The lyrics are a little different, and also The Unleashed Memories version has an extra verse:

Sono ancora in piedi in questo istante di pura follia
Non so piu se desiderare il bene o il male
Anche se il peccato forse piu ma da

Or in English,

I am still standing in this moment of pure madness
I don’t know anymore if I should desire good or evil
Although sin maybe gives me more


5.0 out of 5 stars. 5 Worthwhile Tracks to Experience More of Cristina Scabbias Vocal Range
The Halflife EP by Lacuna Coil includes three tracks in particular that are must-haves for those who love to experience the beautifully dynamic, mysterious, and ethereal qualities of Cristina Scabbias vocal range. I found tracks “Halflife” and “Stars” particularly pleasing. “Hyperfast” is also a pretty rockin’ tune. As a fan of Lacuna Coil it is nice to have this EP.

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