L.A. GUNS: Hollywood Vampires CD. Contains extra song “I Found You”. By far their Best. Check videos + WHOLE album, every single song. “Some Lie 4 Love”, “Kiss My Love Goodbye”, “It’s Over Now”


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WHOLE album, every single song:

L.A. Guns – Hollywood Vampires CD
Label: Mercury / Vertigo 849 604-2
Category: Glam
Year: 1991

Mick Cripps: guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, keyboards, string arrangements, backing vocals
Tracii Guns: lead guitar, acoustic guitars, slide guitar, backing vocals [also: Bret Michaels, Gilby Clarke, Bang Tango etc.]
Phil Lewis: lead vocals [Girl, Torme, etc.]
Kelly Nickels: bass, backing vocals
Steve Riley: drums, percussion, backing vocals [W.A.S.P., Bang Tango, etc]


(“Azuma Jishi” from Japan traditional vocal and instrumental music appears on the introduction of track 1 courtesy of Elektra Asylum Nonesuch Records (Explorer Series)/Warner Special Products.)
1. Over the Edge 5:41
2. Some Lie 4 Love 3:34
3. Kiss My Love Goodbye 4:42
4. Here it Comes 4:37
5. Crystal Eyes 5:54
6. Wild Obsession 4:14
7. Dirty Luv 4:29
8. My Koo Ka Choo 4:06
9. Its Over Now 4:10
10. Snake Eyes Boogie 2:56
11. I Found You 3:43
12. Big House 4:12

Total Running Time: 52:18

this is my favorite LP from l.a. guns … awesome amazing great can’t say any less about this. My favorite songs are “its over now”,”some lie 4 love”, “kiss my love goodbye”, “crystal eyes” and “my koo ka choo” classics…….

You gotta have this disc. A FANTASTIC album! All songs are classics for me. Bring back so much good memories from my teen years. “Kiss my love good bye” is a rocker I will NEVER be tired of. “Dirty luv” is just too cool with its “na nanana..”. “Over the edge” is hypnotizing. Like Bang Tango, these men have a MYSTERY image:Nocturnal Rock N’ Rollers,HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES!!

Alot of great songs on this!!! “Over The Edge” is my favorite….good driving song! “Crystal Eyes” is another great tune!!!

I agree with the above. Great songs with a lot of good times remembered.

“Over The Edge”, “Wild Obsession”, one of the best ballads I have ever heard in my life “Crystal Eyes”, “Some Lie 4 Love”, “I Found You”, “Kiss My Love Goodbye” and “Its Over Now” = L.A. Guns’ best album, ‘Hollywood Vampires’. The early 90s is one of my favorite periods of time for music, and I have yet to find any other period of time that so many great albums were released in a three year time span (1990–1993, mostly 1990–1992, though).

One of my favorite albums! Every song is great. The quality of the songwriting is very high.

this is my favourite l.a. guns album different to the first two they were great but this album is a classic

“Some Lie 4 Love” is my favorite song. Yeah, this is their most dirty and sleazy one. And I think this is the greatest. Here all the instruments really sound dirty, so as Phil. My favourites are: “Kiss My Love Goodbye” and “My Koo Ka Choo”.

I do have to say this if my favorite LA Guns CD.

best l.a.g. album to ever come out! “i found you”, its over now”, “crystal eyes” and “some lie 4 love” .. real melodic l.a.g. classics

this album is, in my opinion, the best from L.A. Guns.

L.A. Guns: Cuts CD 1992. USA import.

L.A. GUNS: Live! Vampires CD. Super Japanese release. Japan-only release with OBI + extra 24 page color photo booklet.

L.A. GUNS: Rips The Covers Off CD PROMO. SIGNED, AUTOGRAPHED. All cover songs album. Check samples.


L.A. GUNS: Some Lie 4 Love CD. + 3 killer LIVE songs. 100% pure gritty rock n roll. Check video

L.A. GUNS: The Ballad of Jayne CD + 3 live killer songs!! Check video

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