KRUX: Live DVD. Candlemass, Entombed, Talisman, John Norum, Arch Enemy, Opeth, Tiamat members. Check video!


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The interview.

01. “Intro [From “Live”]”
02. “Black room”
03. “Enigma ezb”
04. “Nimis”
05. “Shadowplay”
06. “Omfalos”
07. “Popocatpetl”
08. “Krux”
09. “Abstrakt sun”
10. “Evel rifaz”
11. “Lunochod”
12. “Interview”
13. “Video”
14. “Image gallery”

80 min


Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS

Kruxs first and only live performance to date recorded in Stockholm on May 18, 2003. A stunning run-through of tracks from the bands self-titled debut album.

Krux is a project headed by Candlemass supremo Leif Edling. It features four other great names from the world of Swedish heavy metal in Mats Leven, former vocalist for Yngwie, Jurgen Sandstrm (Guitar) and Peter Stjrnvind (Drums) of Entombed and finally Fredrik Akesson of Talisman, also on guitar.

A self-titled album was released in the UK during April of 2003 and included a psychedelic mixture of influences and instruments but still paid great tribute to the unmistakable style of classic metal bands such as Black Sabbath and Rainbow.”

Leif Edling – Bass (Trilogy (Swe), Nemesis (Swe), Candlemass, Abstrakt Algebra, Witchcraft, Jupiter Society)

Mats Leven – Vocals (Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Abstrakt Algebra, At Vance, Fatal Force (Dnk), Crash the System, Therion (Swe), Southpaw, Sabbtail, Audiovision, Jupiter Society, Treat, Amaseffer)

Jörgen Sandström – Guitar (Grave, Corpse (Swe), The Project Hate MCMXCIX, Vicious Art, Entombed, Death Breath, Putrefaction (Swe), Torture Division, Anguish, Toolshed, Grinding Death)

Fredrik Åkesson – Solo Guitar (Southpaw, Talisman, John Norum, Arch Enemy, Sabbtail, Opeth, Shock Tilt, Tiamat)

Peter Stjärnvind – Drums (Merciless (Swe), Unanimated, Damnation (Swe), Regurgitate, Entombed, Face Down, Born of Fire (Swe), Murder Squad, Nifelheim (Swe))
That KRUX is the side band of CANDLEMASS’ Leif Edling, in which we also can find ENTOMBED bassist Jörgen Sundström on guitar. If you look into the past and more exactly the joined past of Leif Edling and singer Mats Levén, then you will find the name ABSTRAKT ALGEBRA.

Doom Metal not exactly like CANDLEMASS, but a bit dirtier in the sound, even though they still are far away from bands like ST.VITUS etc., more modern, like a mix of BLACK SABBATH and ABSTRAKT ALGEBRA, with more distortion, also not suited for everyone, but sounding pretty original still, also thanks to Levéns passionate vocals.

The quality of the recording is impressive, very, very clear picture and sound, which, if you like the music, of course, presents you with a pretty entertaining evening. Even the monstrum “Lunochod”, honouring the Russian space missions, has found its way onto the DVD, with the same spacey sound as on the CD.

The extras, apart from an image gallery, are an interview with Leif and Jörgen that give us some information regarding the beginnings of KRUX as well as the album and a video for “Black Room”, which altogether is quite dark, pretty abstract and visualizes the song very well.

If you only look at the quality that we are presented with here, then I have to say that if you like this sound, “Live” is a good investment, so buy, buy, BUY.

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