KOLDBORN: First Enslavement CD Danish Death Metal, full of variations in speed. Check ALL songs, whole album


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This band comes with their debut release, “”First Enslavement””, after having released 2 (at this point sold out) demos before this album. The Danish quartet plays Death Metal, full of variations in speed. Some tracks have a very slow, but heavy tempo (“”In Breathless Sighs””, “”Sunbroken””), while others have a higher pace (“”All Bowing Heads Roll””, “”Demonride””). Some of the songs are very diverse, with a lot of different riffs and not too much repetition. The perfect example of such a track is “”Blessed By Beyond””, which is most certainly one of the highlights of the CD. The production, technical level of the music, vocals and drums are all fine, as well as the artwork. The drums are raw, straight and aggressive. The vocals are dark, sick and twisted. The guitar and bass lines, are raging, fast, and intense. There lurks some eerie melody within the album. It spices the whole album up a bit! Really skilled guitar solos which takes my mind back to some 70s symphonic metal bands. Outstanding tracks: “”Wicked Arise Divine”” (great riffs), “”Blessed By Beyond”” (good variation) and “”Demonride””

Of Sin Sublime Wicked Arise Divine Blessed By Beyond In Breathless Sighs All Bowing Heads Roll Vague Cries (Of Unborn Lives) Demonride Sunbroken Altar Of Your Fate The Embrace Of Thanatos
Playing time: 38:22

Check samples:

1. Of Sins Sublime 03:36
2. Wicked Arise Divine 03:24
3. Blessed by Beyond 03:15
4. In Breathless Sighs 06:32
5. All Bowing Heads Roll 03:01
6. Vague Cries of Unborn Lives 03:37
7. Demonride 03:28
8. Sunbroken 03:55
9. Altar of Your Fate 03:56
10. The Embrace of Thanatos 03:31

Fucking killer debut – 98%
Where did these guys come from? (Besides Denmark, wiseass.) For a first album, this is really strong stuff. It opens right up with Of Sins Sublime, which introduces the band with a faintly groovy riff and clean blast beats with screams over the top, and the album grabs you by the neck from there on in. This sucker is overflowing with meaty riffs, melodic leads (but not generic melodic in that half-assed Gothenburg manner), ripping solos, and clean but rapid fire drumming. Musicianship is top-notch all around, and while I guess I’d have to call Koldborn death metal, they have elements of thrash in a couple of places, and hints of melody throughout, but never sacrifice brutality for it. And best of all, all these great elements are quite audible because the production is huge and clear but still devastatingly heavy. This album is a must-hear, well worth checking out.”

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