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1 Always On The Run 4:15
2 Law Of Emotions 4:01
3 Twilight Cruiser 6:34
4 Janine 4:23
5 Hope Is On Fire 3:15
6 Thank You All 3:54
7 Rather Be On My Own 3:01
8 Can’t Put Out And Not Take Back 4:24
9 Cold Ground 4:17
10 I Don’t Care 4:58
11 Gonna Change 3:47
12 Should Have Known 4:30

Length 52:30

Originally Released 1995

5.0 out of 5 stars Worth another listen,
Like many fans, I was quick to write off Kingdom Come as a Led Zeppelin knockoff when I first heard their self-titled debut album. Still, when I ran across used copies of a pair of their later albums – 1993s Bad Image and 1995s Twilight Crusier – I decided to give Lenny Wolf and company another try. I’m glad I did, because this band has certainly come a long way since “Get It On” hit the airwaves.

Twilight Cruiser is a surprisingly mature album. The bands (and at this point its pretty much Lenny Wolf and a rotating cast of characters) early, Zeppelin-esque sound is still there, but its tempered by a more melodic and emotional approach, not unlike what Harem Scarem or later Honeymoon Suite would bring. The best elements of the bands early sound are in place, but the overall sound is smarter, more mature, and more polished. If America hadn’t developed a most unhealthy grunge fixation at the time, this would have been the album to put Kingdom Come back on the map. Oh well, I guess there’s always Japan.

The end result is that this album helped turn me from an early sceptic to an avowed Kingdom Come fan. Will it do the same for you? There’s only one way to find out!

5.0 out of 5 stars I was blown away!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
This is, in my opinion the best Kingdom Come album ever! Melody everywhere and it rocks! A lot of people seem to like bad image and independent. I must admt I own both and only heard some of bad image and none of independent. I also have the rare Master Seven, that is a good album without the production of Twilight Cruiser. If you are a fan and haven’t picked this one up yet, do it now!!

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