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Released: 1997
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock
1 Only Rainbows Know 4:10
2 More Restrictions 5:04
3 Gonna Loose Her 5:29
4 Can’t Let Go 6:31
5 Slow Down 4:01
6 Seen Enough 5:51
7 Can’t Let Go (Directors Cut) 2:39
8 Gonna Try 5:05
9 Can’t Take Affection 6:38
10 Bad I Am 3:59
11 High On Love 5:26
12 Get Up My Friend 3:53
13 Roses 3:02

5.0 out of 5 stars Wolf man did it again !,
We all know Kingdom come with their high quality zeppelinesque hard rockin’ albums. This time Lenny Wolf returns with a more softer and keyboard filled album .However surprise surprise! it is so bloody good that you will definitely keep your mouth shut and find yourself unable to complain about it. Guitars are there supported by the keyboards like the the artillery providing cover to the charging infantry. Wolfs vocals are also in top form and matches with the rest of the sound well.Melodic rock fans will also find this release interesting and should check this album out. A brilliant release from the talented Mr.Wolf
5.0 out of 5 stars No Led wannabe…..this is as original as it gets!,
I get ticked off sometimes hearing Kingdom Come
being compared to Led Zeppelin…..I believe KC deserve so
much more than an imitation label.
KC has survived the 80s and should be applauded for holding true to their sound. All thanks go of course to Lenny Wolf.
Lenny’s staple voice and unique rock expression is what I find alluring to my heart and ears.
Kingom Come contributes some of the Greatest Rock Ballads I have ever heard.
“Bad Image” being among the best KC has to offer…(and that isnt saying much either….cause I beleive that Every KC cd stands alone in Greatness).
Every song is great on this Cd.
I recommend “Bad Image” to those who are tetering on whether or not to give Kingdom Come a shot.
Then go to “Hands of Time” after that.
I think by then you will be hooked!
5.0 out of 5 stars Incredible,
I really thought I loved “Hands Of Time”, but this CD just blew it away!! I love the mysterious sound of every song on this CD. I am a huge Hard Rock fan and this CD is at the top of my list
5.0 out of 5 stars Lenny’s best Led Zeppelin album!,
This may take a second hearing, but given time, this album tops “Kingdom Come” and “In Your Face.”

I’ve yet to hear master 7, Ain’t Cryin for the Moon, and Perpetual, but this is the best rockin Kingdom Come so far for me.

I suppose it is unfair to compare since the songs are different from seventeen’, Pushing Hard, or ‘the wind/just like a wild rose/mean dirty joe’; and, there isn’t quite ‘what love can be’, but, I’d say they’re just different. In some ways, they sound like an effort to combine(successfully!) Lenny style songs like ‘do you like it’ with those Led Zepplin songs. I of course like it!
5.0 out of 5 stars Lenny Wolf – Pure Genius,
Lenny wolf has to be the most underrated musician on the planet.
He is such an amazing songwriter. This album is oozing with pure genius. I absolutely love the mystical sound of the entire album. Lenny never dissapoints. NEVER!!!! You will love this album. Get ready to forget about everything! Lenny has a way of bringing out the positive in everyone. The musicianship on this album is incredible. The vocals are top notch once again, and what an amazing drum sound on this album. Buy this and buy every other Kingdom Come album. ONCE AGAIN LENNY IS A GENIUS!!!!!!!!

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