KING OF THE HILL: Kingofthehill (s.t) CD. Funky Hard Rock a la Extreme a la Get the funk out (with a horn section). Check audio


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Horn section (!), funk, a la Extreme at their best (Get the funk out) CHECK VIDEO!!!
review from a 1991 edition of Q magazine: “Good – …in the Extreme/Faith No More mould of rock bands prepared to add funk rhythms and bass lines to their metal…An exciting debut package which holds the promise of better to come…”

Category: Hard Rock

Year: 1991

Label: SBK Records

Frankie vocals
Jimmy Griffin guitars
George Potsos bass
Vito Bono drums

1. Party In My Pocket 3:38
2. Freakshow 3:56
3. I DO U 3:49
4. If I Say 4:12
5. Roses 3:42
6. Take It Or Leave It 6:27
7. Something ‘Bout You 3:39
8. Place In My Heart 4:25
9. Big Groove 3:30
10. Electric Riot 4:29

Total Running Time: 41:47

Kool LP!! Great Grooves and lyrics from one of the best non-mainstream rock bands ever. Their funk/rock style would get your feet moving in the club. This rocks from beginning to end

This rules; killer party band!! “Something ‘Bout You” is a worthwhile wah-wah rocker

Never really got into this band back in the day but…better late than never. “If I Say” is by far my favorite song..Jimmy Griffin kicks ass.

This band has an incredible musical chemistry and not one song falls short of any of the others. At the very least its an attempt at some hard rock originality and in my books the boys pulled off a classic. Well done.

Great band! a classic album from 1990 a blast, pure entertainment. Frankie sure is a frontman, born to rock n’ groove. It is still cool n’fresh as the first day!!

I really liked this one. Catchy “hair metal” combined with elements of Funk, they created their own style rather than sounding like most of the “Funk-metal” of the time. True, the ballads sound more than a little like Poison but thats not such a bad thing. Theres enough originality on the other tracks to make up for this.

Boy, indeed, this is so excellent ! BRILLIANT ! Frankie has a fantastic voice and also the songs are truly fantastic ! This is indeed HEAVEN !!!!!

A great album – they were excellant live on the UK Extreme tour – I was front row and got the full force. They were much better live than on the album.

Probably one of my 10 fav albums of all time. Back in 91 when it came out, there really wasn’t anything like it. So what if it had a few “poison” ballads. Screw “grunge” and their dirty flannel shirts, and the bubble gum “punk” thats out now. The 80s ruled

I still listen to the first album and its always just as good as when it was new. The song “I do U” is very catchy, and still amuses me. “I .. Do .. U .. Do You .. Do .. Too!” Poetry!

got influences from early Danger Danger (If I say), to Extreme (I do U) and Poison (Roses) and this goes on and on and actually makes it a varied album and very worth while. If you find a copy pick it up, you won’t be sorry.

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