KILLERS: Fort Interieur CD 1998 French Heavy Metal legends. Best ever career album. Check audio!


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8 th studio album of french heavy/speed metal band.

Label: Brennus  BR 8033 AR
Format: CD, Album
Country: France
Released: May 1998
Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

1 Paranoïa
2 Sûrs De Rien
3 Allez Vous Faire…
4 Animal
5 Arrantzale
6 Jurez
7 Mode D’Emploi
8 Pour Toujours
9 Les Fous De Dieu
10 Plus Fort Que La Colère
11 Royaume Du Silence
12 Sauve Qui Veut
13 Ainsi Sois Tu
14 Victime
15 Les Aléas De La Loi
16 Peuples Oubliés
Duration 01:11:18

– Bruno DOLHEGUY (Vocals & guitars)
– Ronan JACQUES (Lead guitar)
– Alain GARCÈS (Bass guitar)
– Patrick SORIA (Drums

1 of the 2 sublime ballads: “”pour toujours”” & “”sauve qui veut””

Country of Manufacture  France
Orig. Release 1998
Time 71:01
Record / Cat. Own production / not available
music direction Metal: Heavy Metal



KILLERS is back and is even mightier than ever!

Their 8th album   is the living proof of it and it delivers the same Speed Metal with its mountain’s taste.

After the release of  Ennemis en public, a live recording consisting of 15 tunes, the band wanted to do even better with their new studio album.

Bruno’s band has recorded 16 tracks with one of the finest French Speed Metal and which brings joy and astonishment to the listeners of this 74 minutes album.

Once again they play a very energetic and speed-driving Metal-oriented music which breaks all the pre-conceived rules and all the different old musical fashions.

KILLERS has gained his full maturity and provides us with their most magnificent album since their beginning… it’s still time to discover them but hurry up!

Brennus CD 1998
When in 1985, KILLERS took out its first album, the press at that time predicts him a very short future. 13 years after these same magazines disappeared! These nice people had forgotten that the passion makes eternal.In spite of important changes of line-up, KILLERS crossed ages without compromising. Close to his fans, the group continues to go out with success of pure albums of speed metal, with singing in French. The last album in date “”Fort”” contains 16 very aggressive, committed titles both at the level of the tempos and the texts, always filled with sense. The sound is just like the group: frank and direct, for a result of an optimal power. If the popular success is doubtless still far, the respect is least that we can testify to these musicians. We spend so many good moments to listen to them.

THE EARLY YEARS From 1984 up to 1998

Bruno DOLHEGUY is the only “”survivor”” of KILLERS Mark 1… He used to play rhythm guitar in the early years (1984) when KILLERS was a five guys’ band from Bayonne (famous city of the Basque country in the southern part of France, on the Atlantic coast, by the Spanish border). Bruno began to sing later….

KILLERS recorded two Lps with the early line-up: “”FILS DE LA HAINE”” (1985), “”DANGER DE VIE”” (1986) but two years later the all band stopped KILLERS and Bruno DOLHEGUY decided to continue on his way with new pals.

Two albums more were recorded with that a new crew: “”MISE AUX POINGS”” (1987) & “”RESISTANCES”” (1989).When the lead singer decided to stop musical activities Bruno took his part and during year 1991 KILLERS became a 4 members group definitively.

Bruno DOLHEGUY decided that it was time to change the line-up , thinking a transfusion of fresh blood was necessary with the intention of keeping intact the passion of the group … That’s the reason why the monster is still alive and well !


Pure Thrash Metal from the French legends. This is their 7th album, and the first to future a song in lyrics in Basque language! They are the only French heavy-metal band to be still active since the early Eighties. After the live opus “”Ennemis En Public”” (1996) that looked back on more than ten years of professional career, the six first studio albums were reissued by the Brennus label. The first two, “”…Fils De La Haine”” (1985) and “”Danger De Vie”” (1986) were originally issued on a major record label. The later ones were produced by Bruno DOLHEGUY around a renewed team: “”Mise Aux Poings”” (1987), “”Résistances”” (1989), “”Cités Interdites”” (1992) and “”Contre-Courant”” (1995). Since then, KILLERS has recorded an album per year: “”Fort Intérieur”” (1998), “”109″” (1999) and “”Mauvaises Graines”” (2000) etc.. Given their growing success abroad (Particularly in Germany), KILLERS has got rougher and issued the first English version of one of their albums, until then all sung in French (Adding up a few tracks in Basque): “”Killing Games”” (2001). That year also gave them a chance to issue a new version called “”Mise Aux Poings ¬ 2001″”, sung by Bruno DOLHEGUY and including a longer than 9 minutes high quality video. If one say that “”Habemus Metal”” also includes a powerful as well as unrespectable cover, 2002 proves to be an excellent year from them. Second album recorded with an audience, “”Le Côté Live !”” (2003) allows the listener to rediscover the tracks from the beginnings performed by the current band. The least we can say is that the result is astounding!


5.0 étoiles sur 5 une oeuvre de plus pour killers !!! forteresse KILLERS , d’un matal toujours aussi beaux , inspiré , et révolté , avec en plus….2 sublimes ballades avec des textes a tomber par terre !(“”pour toujours”” et “”sauve qui veut”” ) comme d’habitude du grand art

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