KILLER DWARFS: Dirty Weapons LP 1990 mint condition. Their best album. Check video + audio + album review video. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


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Category: Hard Rock
Year: 1990
Label: Epic

Darrell drums, vocals
Ronald bass, vocals
Mike guitars, vocals
Russ lead vocals

There comes a time in your life
You have to stand up and fight
Get behind what you believe
Get a grip on what you see
There’s a chance you just might get it right – Doesn’t Matter

1. Dirty Weapons 3:38
2. Nothin’ Gets Nothin’ KILLER DWARFS 3:26
3. All That We Dream KILLER DWARFS 4:30
4. Doesn’t Matter KILLER DWARFS 4:39
5. Last Laugh 3:33
6. Comin’ Through 3:39
7. One Way Out 3:32
8. Appeal 3:36
9. Not Foolin’ KILLER DWARFS 3:52
10. Want it Bad 4:36

Total Running Time: 39:01

When Dirty Weapons came out in 1990 , the Canadian quartet KILLER DWARFS was already on their fourth studio album. Suffice to say that this group has accumulated a lot of experiences during the 80’s. And fans of the Canadian combo are not disoriented with this Dirty Weapons since it is eyeing the side of traditional Hard Rock (like the previous opus). It is well known: you do not change a winning team, especially when you master by heart the formula that has proven itself …

The album begins with “Dirty Weapons”, an energetic, catchy and rhythmic mid-tempo that a superb refrain transcends. Such a title has the potential of a big classic in the Hard US genre, especially since Russ Dwarf Graham’s voice, both powerful and melodic and sometimes tending towards the highs, fits perfectly with this type of music.

The good impressions left by this 1st track are subsequently confirmed with the hard-hitting “Nothin ‘Gets Nothin'” played on the tempo of urgency and which is a perfect blend of power and melody, “All That We Dream” which is quite close to DOKKEN (I am of course talking about that the 80’s Dokken). Other catchy titles include “Last Laugh”, the catchy and heady “Comin ‘Through” which is cut out to hit the stage, the punchy and vigorous “One Way Out” and the festive “Not Foolin’” with accents. bluesy which sees electric and acoustic guitars overlap. These songs have one thing in common: they have memorable and frankly inspired choruses and we are impressed by their propensity to strike where it hurts.

When groups give birth to their fourth album, it happens that some of them are losing inspiration. This is not the case with KILLER DWARFS, quite the contrary. The compositions are on the whole of quality and put forward as well the energetic side as the melodic aspect. As for singer Russ Dwarf, he has a grain of voice that some will find quite close to that of Davy Vain (the singer of VAIN, as a reminder). In any case, KILLER DWARFS proves that the Canadian scene has nothing to be ashamed of compared to its American neighbor and Dirty Weapons has all the ingredients to please Hard US fans.

Dirty weapons
You’re never fighting fair
Dirty weapons
Turns deadly into dare…

Dirty Weapons is the most consistent recording from the Killer Dwarfs. The ten song effort from the deadly runts rocks out. It simply hard rock, riffs and solid vocals, from the crazy Canadian quartet. Leading off with the hard driving, never-fightin’-fair politically motivated title cut, the boys show off their chops with confidence. Other hot numbers from this 1990 release include the hint of prog-metal “”Nothin’ Gets Nothin'””, plus “”Not Foolin'””, “”Comin’ Through””, “”Appeal””, the big bass clankin’ “”All That We Dream””, and album closer “”Want It Bad””. Reminiscent of Great White, especially in the vocals department, as Russell “”Dwarf”” Graham pipes bring to mind Jack Russell.

Locked on
Full trigger
Shot Down
High price
No winner
Fatal decision…

this album is raw and full of life. Dirty Weapons has at least 5 great tracks and the rest can be considered very solid. Their musical talents, although marred by the most common of traps, the three cord monty, shine throughout the album. Heavy guitar riffs and thunderous drums are punctuated by the lead singer passionate vocals. Overall this is a great album to pick up if you want to feel energized and ready for anything. A solid addition to their discography.KILLER DWARFS Dirty Weapons LP Check VIDEO. -- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

the best album of the dwarfs,listen up “”comin through””song is a real cool song.great Canadian classics hard rock band

This lp is hands down one of the most Rockin’ recordings ever made! If you’ve never heard of the DwaRfs, “”GET IT”” and you’ll be hooked for life!

This is a good LP. Very drivin’ in your face music. Dirty Weapons is chocked full of driving melodic rock songs.This is Killer Dwarfs Best release and it very good

Doesn’t matter says it all!!! Great song

The title track ‘Dirty Weapons’ was a staple on radio duing 1990 alongside Winger, and chugs out in similar fashion to Kip mob. Very commercial, with big catchy choruses. ‘Nothin’ Gets Nothin’ is a hark-back to Lion ‘Dangerous Atrraction’ era. Fantastic guitar riffarama. ‘Coming Through’ is a deadringer for Ratt. Likewise ‘All That We Dream’. The obligatory ballad ‘Doesn’t Matter’ is melodic fuel for the masses, beautiful stuff.

This album should have made them a hard-rock super-group “”last laugh”” and “”comin through”” kicccck ass. Dirty weapons is a great album. Earlier comments compare it to Winger and I think the Dwarfs are more metal-oriented than Winger, it reminds me more of the Stryper-style (not the singing though!). The lead singer of the Dwarfs is just awesome!

Another great LP by an excellent band. Doesn’t Matter won a Juno award and is really fantastic. The title track is great and tends to get in my head and stick around.

Wow!! What an album, so unique, so catchy! This album is well worth owning for the title cut (“”Dirty Weapons””) alone!!

this is a great LP. i love last laugh. and of course doesn’t matter is great. method to the madness is good as well.

magnificent hard rock release by the great KILLER DWARFS.this is a dose of strong guitars,nice melodic vocs and many good songs with big choruses. The sound is strong and polished in the Ratt way and i think its exactly how they wanted it that time. i like all the songs and for me this was an important release back then.just buy it and enjoy those crazy Canadians.

Lorsque sort en 1990 Dirty Weapons, le quartette canadien KILLER DWARFS en est déjà à son quatrième album studio. Autant dire que ce groupe a accumulé pas mal d’expériences au cours des 80’s. Et les fans du combo canadien ne sont pas désorientés avec ce Dirty Weapons puisque celui-ci lorgne du côté du Hard Rock traditionnel (comme les précédents opus). C’est bien connu: on ne change pas une équipe qui gagne, surtout quand on maitrise par coeur la formule qui a fait ses preuves…

L’album commence par « Dirty Weapons », un mid-tempo énergique, accrocheur et rythmé à souhait qu’un superbe refrain transcende. Un tel titre a le potentiel d’un gros classique dans le genre Hard US, d’autant que la voix de Russ Dwarf Graham, à la fois puissante et mélodique et tendant parfois vers les aigus, colle parfaitement avec ce type de musique.

Les bonnes impressions que ce 1er titre a laissées se confirment par la suite avec le percutant « Nothin’ Gets Nothin’  » joué sur le tempo de l’urgence et qui est un parfait alliage entre puissance et mélodie, « All That We Dream » qui est assez proche de DOKKEN (je parle bien sûr de celui des 80’s). Parmi les autres titres accrocheurs, on citera volontiers « Last Laugh », le catchy et entêtant « Comin’ Through » qui est taillé pour cartonner sur scène, le punchy et vigoureux « One Way Out » et le festif « Not Foolin’  » aux accents bluesy qui voit guitares électriques et acoustiques se superposer. Ces titres ont un point commun: ils ont des refrains mémorisables et franchement inspirés et on est impressionnés par leur propension à frapper là où ça fait mal.

Lorsque des groupes accouchent de leur quatrième album, il arrive que certains d’entre eux soient en perte d’inspiration. Ce n’est pas le cas avec KILLER DWARFS, bien au contraire. Les compos sont dans l’ensemble de qualité et mettent aussi bien en avant le côté énergique que l’aspect mélodique. Quant au chanteur Russ Dwarf, il a un grain de voix que certains trouveront assez proche de celui de Davy Vain (le chanteur de VAIN, pour rappel). En tout cas, KILLER DWARFS prouve que la scène canadienne n’a pas à rougir par rapport à son voisin americain et Dirty Weapons possède tous les ingrédients pour plaire aux fans de Hard US.

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