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5 guys from Long Island, NY, tired of being force fed the horrible crap that the radio dictates to its listeners.They have decided to create their own music combining the best of the genres of metal, creating a sound with crushing groove, catchy melodies and a great mix of influences without ripping anyone. “”The soundtrack for a world gone mad!”” Consider yourself warned!!!!

Band History:
Killbox was formed in the summer of 2001. They are based out Lynbrook (Long Island), NY. The band consists of 5 members. Wes and Brian on guitars, Jim on drums, Russ on bass and Alex on vocals.

Killbox hit the scene in late November 2001. Since that time, they’ve reached across the U.S. and outside they’re home country as well.

Using all they’re diverse musical influences, KILLBOX has created their own invigorating new sound. By combinding those influences, they have come up with a way to incorporate a whole spectrum of styles. From crushing breakdowns, to soft melodies, to rhythmic grooves, it is a sound all their own. Which Only can be defined by their diverse views and intense live performance.

“”The soundtrack for a world gone mad””

…Inside the Killbox!
Your influences?
all kind of Hardcore
Killswitch engaged
shai halud
Blood for blood
any style of metal including
Cradle of filth
dimmu Borgir
System of a down
etc “

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