KILL YOUR MANAGEMENT: Volume Four CD 2003. Great UK underground bands like Razorwire. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


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Razorwire – Jettison

Intent – Trust Is
Gafftape – Bunny Boiler
Final Conclusion – Diesel
Shuriken – Arch Nemesis
Me (Against The World) – Room 6 (The Goodbye Song)
Marshan – Whiskey And The Steamer
Long Time Dead – My Hell

Raising Cain – Dominator
Fourwaykill – Anti-All
Burnt – Reject And Revolt
Tripswitch – Answers
Beneath Utopia – Rise Above
Godsize – Frustration
Hilkah – Tools Of War
Narcosis – No Remorse
Barbara Rucksack – Wishful Thinking
Fire Child – Beyond The Distance
Neo Vega – Illusion
Damaged – Renegade

Released: 2003
Format: CD
Catalogue Number: PSYCOMP – 004
In terms of all-round quality, this was easily the best “Kill..”CD to date. Unfortunately, many of the magazines it was sent to did not bother to print reviews of it. Despite that, all feedback received has been excellent and the album has opened doors for most of the bands involved.

All reviews © magazine of original publication
Rock Sound (April 2003)
Review by Ronnie Kerswell

Barking an order thats as hard as they come, Kill Your Management…” is a conspiracy of 20 UK unsigned acts – and judging by the quality of some of those featured, perhaps they should follow the command and dispatch their manager for not securing a record contract! With all acts clubbing together to help promote and raise the profile of those featured, this is a real DIY effort proving that the “helping hand” spirit lives on. And like a box of Quality Street, you’ll find something to cater for all tastes. From the sticky-toffee appeal of heavy-weights Final Conclusion and the soft-centred approach of Shuriken (who would surely find a home in the Drive-Thru garage had they hailed from California), to the sophisticated crunch of smooth industrial outfit Neo Vega. Not a bad effort and for under a fiver you can’t argue.

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