KIDD ROBIN: The Inevitable Return of the dinosaur monster CD. Check the exclusive video showing this CD for sale. Rare Independent Christian Metal. Dokken, Stryper, Queensryche, Sacred Warrior, Hittman. Check sample


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Check the exclusive video showing this CD for sale:

Check the exclusive video showing this CD for sale

This is an Independent but a goody! One listen and you’ll know these guys not only have a heart for Christ but a sense of humor as well. 16 songs Total Time: 58:00

the singer, who slightly resembles Geoff Tate Queensryche in his very lower range. There is no addresses, no label info, no nothing …. just a weird title, a weird cover, a weird insert with all the lyrics on ONE page
pretty laid back 80’s style melodic metal, not unlike some of the mellower, laid back Christian metal bands of that era ….. not as preachy or cheesy as Stryper, but nowhere near the heaviness or class of a Sacred Warrior ….. I guess this is what Dokken would sound like at some point in their infancy without adding any punch to their music ….. I will have to say this, Kidd Robin’s music is VERY melodic, happy, hard rock / metal.They do have some pretty good cheesy ballads, and I have to admit that these were extremely beautiful
THE PRODUCTION: Excellent …. for an indy, this is a superb recording …… every instrument is clearly heard, the vocals are right out front and every word he sings is clearly understood ….. the acoustic guitar passages and piano passages are a treat for your system to show off …… It amazes me that bands with this little notariety can put out such a good recording like this …… they do credit Tom Hall as the producer, the guy has a great, clean ear for recording music ….. this is pristine…..
THE VOCALS: this guy is VERY good, probably sounding like the singer from Pavlovs Dogs when he goes high, and sometimes sounding like Geoff Tate in his lower range ……in his normal range, he has a very pleasant, clear voice and he is very good at what he does …. the problem is, he is wasted in this band ….. this guy needs to front a serious metal band, regardless of the genre …… the guy sings very well, and its a shame to think that this will be the only disc he will ever record and be heard on …. I can picture this guy, (whatever his name is) fronting several bands ……… a waste …… they don’t give any information as to who they are, so even then if the disc was great, we couldn’t even find these guys …… I would put this disc in the hands of a person that enjoys listening to AOR music, on a par with Whitecross in particular…… what is interesting, is that the disc contains 16 tracks, most of which run from 3-4 minutes in length, so you know the market these guys are trying to reach ……

Type: Full-length
Release date: 1996
Label: Byus Digilogical Harmelodies
1. Not Falling 03:15
2. Prelude in E Major 00:20
3. Be There 04:09
4. What Now? 04:31
5. Questions 04:08
6. Go 06:16
7. Sidewalk Cowboy 01:59
8. Blood Red 04:01
9. Never Stop 03:27
10. Lost 03:34
11. Reprise 01:59
12. A Little Bit of Something 00:53
13. Emotions 05:19
14. How Long? 04:38
15. Flannel Shirt 01:22
16. Rokkin’ 08:12

5.0 out of 5 stars Rokkin’!
This is a humble CD that blasts you to Heaven! The artists are not listed!
Instead it says: Guitars-Guitar player etc. I like the humility! These guys sound a bit like “”Dokken”” on vocals. An over all fun album that is GREAT!
This CD blew us away! A favorite of my metal fan friends as well. Not overtly Christian. But you can tell they believe. “”I’m not falling, God’s got His hands on me!””Lost in Your Love from above…”” Great stuff! Also rare that a band not list their names, but humbly and humorously say: Guitars: guitarist, Bass: bassist, etc. They sound like Queensryche at times but a very beautiful, innovative sound!Way to go guys!
this album combines the best elements of Van Halen, Dokken and Dream Theater and leaves you staring at the ceiling when it all over!!! Melodic metal that feeds your soul
most of the time when someone compares a band”s sound to Queenssryche, it”s not a truly valid comparison. But this Cd actually does have noticeable cues from the earlier era of Queensryche, but with a more Royal Hunt hard rock feel than Queensryche”s early metal sound. Not to say this is not a heavy album, but..oh forget it, moving on. There”s the Queensryche sounding “”Rokkin”” the amazing rocker “”Emotions””, the piano/violin led “”How Long””, the acoustic duo “”Lost””/Reprise””, the ballad-style “”Go””, several little 1 minute fun tunes “”prelude in e major””/side walk cowboy””/””Flannel shirt””, etc. This is a diverse yet solid & fun indie CD for fans of smart hard rock/metal, but with some definite prog flavours. With surprisingly solid production & sound quality, very talented guitar work, vocals much like a younger Geoff Tate, absolutely scary high-note backing vocals, and plenty of melody, this is a noteworthy release.

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