KERRANG No.223 January 1989 mint condition Femme Fatale on cover + pin-up, L7, IQ, 100 Albums pull out, Celtic Frost, Tesla


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KERRANG – No.223 UK89 ( Femme Fatale Cover, FEMME FATALE + pin-up, L7, IQ, 100 Albums part 4,Celtic Frost, Tesla, IQ, Janes Addiction, Georgia Satellites )

KERRANG number 223

Date of issue: January 28 1989  mint condition

Cover – Femme Fatale

Featured artists:
Femme Fatale/Last of The Teenage Idols – 1 pg guest reviewers
Tattooed Love Boys – 2 pg interview w/photo – Mick Ransome & CJ  
Tesla – 1 pg review w/photo – The Great Radio Controversy 
Zed Yago – 0.5pg review w/photo
Masters of Reality – 0.5pg review w/photo
Roxx Gang – 0.5pg review w/photo
Georgia Satellites – 1.5pg review w/photo
Femme Fatale (Lorraine Lewis) – 5.5pg interview w/photos and centrespread
The Throbs – 1 pg interview w/photo
Jane’s Addiction – 1pg live review w/photo
Testament – 0.5pg live review w/photo
L7 – 1.5pg interview w/photo
IQ – 2 pg interview w/photos  Martin Orford  

Comic strip: Nikki Sixx Motley Crue.

  • Concerts: Jane’s Addiction; Testament; Danzig; Elixir / Mr President; Manowar / Nuclear Assault / Wargasm / Meliah Rage / Hades
  • The 100 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums of All Time Supplement is included with this issue (Part 4)
  • Celtic Frost, Destruction, Reign. Gypsy Queen. Femme Fatale, Only Child, Vow Wow – Helter Skelter, Poison – Every Rose has it’s thorn, Def Leppard – Rocket, Gary Moore After the War 0.5pg  review w/photo, The Marquee – 30 legendary years, Skid Row – Skid Row 0.5pg  review w/photo, Zed Yago  – Pilgrimage 0.5pg  review w/photo, Roxx Gang – Things you never done before 0.5pg  review w/photo, Masters of Reality

Kerrang – the longest running and most famous UK Rock and Heavy Metal magazine. These mags have now become ultra collectable pieces of music memorabilia and have featured some of the biggest and smallest names in Rock/HM.
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FEMME FATALE: s.t debut [tape 1988] Check awesome “Waiting for the Big One” + “Falling in and Out of Love” videos. Top glam metal, sexy singer.

FEMME FATALE: Falling In And Out Of Love 12″ US PROMO only + HUGE POSTER. This version is different from the album version. Sexy female singer! Check video!

FEMME FATALE: Falling In And Out Of Love 12″ Sexy female singer + AC/DC cover “Its A Long Way To The Top” Check video!

FEMME FATALE: Falling In And Out Of Love 12″ Sexy female singer, AC/DC cover “Its A Long Way To The Top”. Check video!

FEMME FATALE: Falling In And Out Of Love CD PROMO only. Sexy female singer, great songs! Check video

FEMME FATAL: Waiting for the Big one 12″ Check VIDEO. Plus UNRELEASED song “My baby’s Gun”


Kerrang plastic explosive, flexi disc 7″ (Rare songs from Faster Pussycat, Femme Fatale).FREE £0 for orders of £28+

ZED YAGO: Pilgrimage tape (original) 1989. Top Power Epic Metal with female vocals. Check sample

Heavy Storm CD Promo. Accept, Diamond Head, Gary Moore, Alice Cooper, Scorpions, Zed Yago, U.D.O., Alice Cooper, Gary Moore, Guess Who, Steve Morse. Check audio samples.

TATTOOED LOVE BOYS: Bleeding Hearts and Needles Marks LP. rare UK Glam/Sleaze. CJ from THE WILDHEARTS. Check videos.

MASTERS OF REALITY: s.t, 1st, 1989 debut [tape] hard stoner classic rock. Check Video

MASTERS OF REALITY: Sunrise on the sufferbus [tape] Ginger Baker classic rock. Check samples (whole album)

ROXX GANG: Things You ve Never Done Before (Virgin Rec. TAPE) One of the best sleazy – glam band. Check videos


ROXX GANG: Things Youve Never Done Before CD. Check VIDEOS

ROXX GANG: Scratch My Back 12″. Top sleazy – glam. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Check video + samples

ROXX GANG: Things You’ve Never Done Before LP. Check VIDEOS

GEORGIA SATELLITES: Hippy Hippy Shake 7″ (from the Cocktail soundtrack) + Hand To Mouth. Check video

THE GEORGIA SATELLITES: Open All Night LP 1988. Southern rock from Atlanta. Good Time ANTHEMS. Check videos

THE THROBS: The Language Of Thieves and Vagabonds CD 1991. Better than Guns N’ Roses “Appetite for Destruction”. Check VIDEO

ONLY CHILD: Save A Place In Your Heart 7″ + Shot heard around the world. US A.O.R, Paul Sabu of Sabu RED VINYL. Check video

VOW WOW: Helter Skelter 7″ shaped strange picture sleeve + clear vinyl promo! Superb cover version of The Beatles. Check video

VOW WOW: Helter Skelter 7″ Neil Murray: Black Sabbath, Whitesnake on bass. Superb cover version of The Beatles. Check video

POISON Every Rose Has Its Thorn. 12″ Gatefold No. 1 hit single. Classic Ballad, + unreleased song. CHECK VIDEOS

POISON: Every rose Has Its Thorn 7″ + Back to the Rocking Horse. Mega Ballad. Comes with a free scratch & sniff postcard. VIDEO!

Resolutions ’89 Phonogram Promo CD w. Def Leppard´s ´Rocket´. RARE!!

GARY MOORE: After the war 12″ Sealed Limited Edition with woven Patch. GMSTW 1. Check video

GARY MOORE: After the war 12″ UK. Check video

GARY MOORE: After the war 12″ white label test pressing! Ultra rare

Gary MOORE: After the war LP. with Ozzy Osbourne on lead vocals. Check videos

Gary MOORE: After the war 7″ + This thing called love. Check video

The Marquee – 30 Legendary Years LP Double Gatefold Compilation. 32 songs, 133 minutes of top Rock bands! s

SKID ROW s.t, 1st, debut PROMO LP 1989. Signed, autographed (in person). Check videos

Yperano 2 in 1 package BARGAIN price (Less Than Human CD + Supernot CD). 2 CDs Less Than Human: To Breed True + SuperNot: Phlegmatic Sun