KERRANG No.199 August 1988 used. HELLOWEEN on cover, Joe Satriani, Death, Jimmy Page, Stone, D’Molls, Vain, Stage Dolls, LA Guns


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KERRANG – No.199 (HELLOWEEN, Satriani, Death, Jimmy Page, Stone, D’ Molls, Vain, Stage Dolls, LA Guns)

KERRANG number 199  has two pages cut and missing, check descriptions of missing pages below
Date of issue: August 6 1988
Cover – Helloween

Featured artists:
Anthrax w/photo
Ozzy Osbourne w/photo
Doc Holliday w/photo
Lauren Smoken w/photo
Kane Roberts (Alice Cooper guitarist) w/photo
Joe Satriani – 2 pg interview w/photo
Broken English, Lion’s Share, Belladonna, Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden,
Precious Metal – Moving Mountains / Passion’s Pain
Steelwings – I Wanna Hear You Screaming / Bad Boys
Vain – 2 pg interview w/photo
Stage Dolls – 1 pg interview w/photo
LA Guns – 2 pg interview w/no photo: page is missing, is cut out
D’Molls – 0.7pg review w/page is missing, is cut out
Anacrusis, Tradia, Dezerter
Death: Leprosy, Ark, Lost Decendants, Cruella
The Janitors, Wild Force, Adramelch, Aragon
Youth of Today, Mick Clarke, Neon Cross
Stone – 0.5pg interview w/photo
Helloween – 3 pg interview w/photos  Don’t fear the keeper [Helloween] features Kai & Michael of Helloween on the cover and an accompanying 3 page article which includes 3 photos.
Derek Oliver’s Croydon w/photo
Magnum w/photo
No Shame page is missing, is cut out
Steelwings  Ember Sea , Passion   page is missing, is cut out
Roma w/photo
Sweet Sin w/photo
De-Arrow w/photo
Mass – 1 pg interview w/photo
Fire – 1 pg interview w/photo
Joe Satriani – 0.5pg live [Marquee London] review w/photo
Jethro Tull, Fairport Convention (Wembley Arena London review)
Marillion (fife Aid, Craigtoun park, St. Andrews)
Death Angel [Live review]
Roachford [Marquee London review]
Jimmy Page – 4 pg interview w/photos   [4 page article/interview including 2 photos]

Second mildenhall rock and blues festival


July 9, 1988
Dr Feelgood, Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack, Climax Blues Band, Dumpys Rusty Nuts, Buster James Band, Shy, Chrome Molly, Wolfsbane

Crossword (filled up with blue ink)
Comic Strip

Kerrang – the longest running and most famous UK Rock and Heavy Metal magazine. These mags have now become ultra collectable pieces of music memorabilia and have featured some of the biggest and smallest names in Rock/HM. Buy a piece of rock history today!!!!!

Check and buy:

Lauren SMOKEN: S/T 12″ E.P Rare Melodic A.O.R amazing & sexy female singer. Check audio.

Metal Hammer 145, 2/97 Feb 1997. Grip Inc. on cover Helloween on cover, Steve Vai, Flames, Victory, Black Sabbath, Helstar

Metal Hammer 251, Nov. 11/2005 Helloween on cover, Exodus on cover, Helloween, Soulfly, Steve Vai, Nightwish, Nile, Ulver

Metal Hammer 220, 4/2003 Apr. Helloween on cover, Opeth on cover, Krux, Tiamat, Sarissa, Katatonia, Evergrey, Rotting Christ

Metal Hammer 176, 8/99 Aug 1999. Iced Earth on cover, Helloween on cover, Running Wild, Manowar, Mercyful Fate, Sodom, Immortal

HELLOWEEN: Rabbit Dont Come Easy CD PROMO w. totally different artwork! + video

STAGE DOLLS: Still in Love 12″ Incl. 2 songs from the hard to find debut LP. Check video


STAGE DOLLS: PROMO 12″ UK. Stand by you, Life in America, Money, Down on Me

STAGE DOLLS: s.t LP (+ inner with lyrics & pictures) 1989 Great A.O.R. Check videos. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

STAGE DOLLS: s.t CD (different artwork RARE!!!) 1989 Great A.O.R. Check videos

STAGE DOLLS: Sorry (is all I can say) CD. Top A.O.R. Check video.

STAGE DOLLS: Commandos LP 1986. This Big Time Records, US edition only exists on vinyl is remixed and sounds different. Check samples. Vinyl looks MINT.

KERRANG No.241 June 1989 VAIN cover, 24-7 Spyz, W.A.S.P, Bang Tango, Kingdom Come, Black Sabbath, King Diamond, Torino,Tigetrailz

VAIN Fly away (unreleased song), TIGERTAILZ Cheap Talk (unreleased song) Kerrang 7″ FLEXI DISC. Check sample

VAIN: No Respect Cassette Tape 1989. Glam, Hard Rock. Check videos Secrets, Beat The Bullet, Who’s Watching You.

D’ MOLLS: D’ Molls LP. best ’80s Glam sleazy metal, 11 track 1988 Atlantic records USA pressing with inner sleeve. Check video

JOE SATRIANI: Not Of This Earth [Tape]. 1st album for this guitar virtuoso. Check samples

Joe SATRIANI: Time Machine [Tape] Check samples

ALICE COOPER: Hey Stoopid 7″ special version, a much better one! Slash, Ozzy Osbourne, Joe Satriani guest! Check video

Joe SATRIANI: The Satch EP. CD Check video

A Tribute to Vai – Satriani: LORDS OF KARMA Promo CD. Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, Badlands, Night Ranger, TNT etc.

KERRANG No.84 December 1984. JIMMY PAGE Led Zeppelin on cover. FIRM, Status Quo, Marillion, Krokus, Joan Jett, Hanoi Rocks, Giuffria

KERRANG No.193 June 1988, great condition. Jimmy Page on cover LED ZEPPELIN, White Lion, Kingpin, US Monsters of Rock Tour 1988 w. Van Halen / Scorpions / Dokken / Metallica

Robert PLANT: Now and Zen LP. Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin guitarist on Heaven Knows + Tall, Cool One. Check videos

Death Wish II original soundtrack music LP by Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin 1982. never released on CD. Buy it now!

JIMMY PAGE & ROBERT PLANT: A songwriting Legacy PROMO CD only. withdrawn. +(Booklet + promo ad)+ Live. ULTRA RARE! Led Zeppelin

JIMMY PAGE & ROBERT PLANT: Gallows Pole CD digipak LIVE. Led Zeppelin


The FIRM: Radioactive 12″ Rare promo. Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, Paul Rodgers, Tony Franklin, Chris slade. Check video

The FIRM: Radioactive 12″ + live songs. Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, Paul Rodgers, Tony Franklin, Chris slade. Check video

Coverdale Page Japan Tour 1993 tour programme. Superb Japanese only! (They did not tour elsewhere). WHITESNAKE, DEEP PURPLE, LED ZEPPELIN members

COVERDALE PAGE: Coverdale and Page (s.t 1993) CD. Check videos.

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