KERRANG NO. 145 April – May 1987 MINT CONDITION. Lee Aaron on cover, Metallica, Zodiac Mindwarp, Vinnie Vincent, Ozzy Osbourne, Onslaught, Iron Maiden


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Date of issue: April 30 – May 13 1987
Cover – Lee Aaron
Featured artists:
Metallica:  James in cast (broken hand), other 3 mock him  w/photo, Cozy Powell with ELP w/photo, Vamp w/photo, Faster Pussycat w/photo
Tattoo w/photo, Devias w/photo
DD from Jagged Edge w/1 pg photo
Zodiac Mindwarp – 2 pg icenterview w/photo
Ozzy Osbourne – 1 pg review w/illustration
Ace Frehley: Frehley’s Comet, Assassin, Eric Martin: I’m only fooling myself, Foreplay, Lizzy Borden, Bitch, Tritonz, Slade, Bathory: Bathory, Bathory: The Return,
King Diamond, Fate: A matter of attitude, Fleetwood Mac, Blood Feast, Bloodgood, Idle Cure, Tom Petty
Chastain, Monro, The Cult: Electric, Metal Massacre VIII
Comic Strip: Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)
Lee Aaron – 3.5pg interview w/photos
Vinnie Vincent – 4.5pg interview w/photos
Andy Taylor – 1.5pg interview w/photo
Onslaught – 1.4 pg photo w/text
Rock Godess (Marquee London), Strangeways (Marquee London), Marino and the after forever band (Wellington London), New Model Army (Birmingham), Then Jerico (Camden Palace, London)
Iron Maiden – 1.5 pg photo & live Madison Square Garden N.Y review, The Mission (Odeon, Birmingham), White Lion (L’amour, Brooklyn)
Poison: Talk dirty to me, Stryper: Calling on you, Zodiac Mindwarp: Prime mover, Slade, All about eve: our summer, The Cult: lil’ Devil, Andy Taylor, It bites, Georgia Satellites, Night Run, Flight, Glass Tinger, Gary Moore: Friday on my mind, Gizmo, Nigh Ranger
Night Ranger – 1 pg interview w/photo
Stryper w/photo, Nitelyne w/photo, Wolfsbane w/photo, Roulette w/photo, Fields of Nephilim w/photo, Girlschool w/photo


This is DD, lead singer with the sensational Jagged Edge, one of the reasons why 1987 suddenly seems so bright for quality British rock. The band is based in the London area and features Myke Gray on lead guitar (perhaps the hottest new age Guitar Hero in the 13K at the moment). Billy Kulke (bass) and Alan Nelson (keyboards). Their sound is richly fulfilling, balancing powerchord effervescence against touching melodies within a range of superb songs.

They’ve recently been at John Henry Studios in North London, working up a set of material that fair blows away most of the opposition. Indeed, several numbers have now been committed to tape under the watchful eye of experienced Neil Murray (Iron Maiden), whose production co-ordination has certainly given tracks such as ‘Nightmare’, ‘Looking For A Reason’, Runaway’, ‘Dance Into The Fire’ and Never Give Up On Love’ an edge and dynamism that far outstrips some vinyl from much-praised outfits. And live they proved their worth with a headlining dale at The Marquee that, by all accounts, was rather hot.

In short, everything about the band suggests they’ll go far, probably well into the multi-platinum territory very much the preserve of American and European acts in recent times.

So, if you’ve been wondering when a British band would pick up the gauntlet thrown down by Bryan Adams, Foreigner, Bon Jovi and Europe, the answer is finally staring you in the face. Jagged Edge will take up that challenge and run for the tape, mark my words.

Besides, how can you resist a woman with the vocal strength of Elkie Brooks in her younger days and the melting looks of Grace Kelly!

FOOTNOTE: The band will be supporting Vow Wow at Birmingham Diamond April 28, Bristol Bierkeller 29, Huddersfield Polytechnic 30, Hammersmith Clarendon Hotel May 3.

Kerrang – the longest running and most famous UK Rock and Heavy Metal magazine. These mags have now become ultra collectable pieces of music memorabilia and have featured some of the biggest and smallest names in Rock/HM. Buy a piece of rock history today!!!!!

CHECK and buy:

ERIC MARTIN BAND: im only fooling myself LP (Mr. Big singer) Check videos

Metal Hammer 205, 1/2002 Apr. King Diamond on cover, Death on cover, Savatage, Kreator, Yes, Blind Guardian, Candlemass, Ozzy

Metal Hammer 227, 11/2003 Nov. Judas Priest on cover, King Diamond on cover, Omen, Anathema, U.D.O., Dimmu Borgir, Machine Head

KING DIAMOND: The Eye CD original 1st press Roadrunner. Rare. Amazing concept album.

FATE: A Matter of Attitude LP Perfect, classic Danish A.O.R! Check video.

METAL Massacre VI (6) CD PROMO compilation. Incl. Possessed: Swing of the Axe (different Version), Dark Angel, etc s

VINNIE VINCENT INVASION: All Systems Go LP. Incl. Love Kills + That Time of Year. Check videos. Slaughter, Nelson members and KISS guitarist.

Andy TAYLOR: Dangerous PROMO LP. All songs are COVERS Thin Lizzy, Bad Company, AC/DC. Check video

STRANGEWAYS: Native Sons LP – Best A.O.R album ever. Check video SAMPLES

STRANGEWAYS: Only a fool 7″ + Empty streets. Black & white sleeve. Melodic Hard ROCK. Check video

Paul Samson’s Empire, Chariot, Heavy Pettin’, Strangeways 7″. The 2nd wave of New Brithish Metal 1987. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

POISON: Look What The Cat Dragged In (M.F.N TAPE) Excellent Glam- Sleaze

ZODIAC MINDWARP AND THE LOVE REACTION Prime Mover [mix] and 3 extra unreleased songs- Check VIDEO

ZODIAC MINDWARP AND THE LOVE REACTION: Promo 12″ only . zodzz1 Check videos

The CULT: The Electric Mixes CD. Rick Rubin Produced mixes. Check video – audio

The CULT: Lil Devil [tape] Cassette Album Tape / 5 Track ep / UK Single. Check video

The CULT: Lil Devil 7″ w. Zap City (great unreleased song). Check videos

The CULT: Lil Devil 7″ Zap City (great unreleased song). Check videos

GEORGIA SATELLITES: Hippy Hippy Shake 7″ (from the Cocktail soundtrack) + Hand To Mouth. Check video

THE GEORGIA SATELLITES: Open All Night LP 1988. Southern rock from Atlanta. Good Time ANTHEMS. Check videos

Gary MOORE: Friday on my Mind 12″ UK. Check video. Killer cover + live

Gary MOORE: Friday on my Mind CD Second hand. Glossy gatefold card wallet sleeve. Check video. Killer cover + live

ACE FREHLEY: Frenleys Comet LP excellent LP by the KISS guitarist (songs by Kiss + Russ Ballard)

EMERSON, LAKE, POWELL: s.t LP Polydor UK 1986. Progressive kings. Cozy Powell on drums. Check videos

BUBBLE: How bout this? CD ex-Dogs D’Amour / Wildhearts/ Faster Pussycat / Vixen members. Punk glam sleaze. CHECK audio.

FASTER PUSSYCAT: Wake Me When Its Over [ Classic Sleazy tape] Check samples

FASTER PUSSYCAT: S.T / 1st / debut 1987 LP SIGNED, AUTOGRAPHED. Hard Sleaze Rock. CHECK videos!

David DELLA ROSSA: Nothing But Trouble LP RARE. With W.A.S.P, Ozzy, Angel, Lita Ford, Faster Pussycat, Quiet Riot, Hughes/Thrall musicians. Check videos.

FASTER PUSSYCAT Poison Ivy 4-track 12″ E.P with live songs. Check video

Kerrang plastic explosive, flexi disc 7″ (Rare songs from Faster Pussycat, Femme Fatale).FREE £0 for orders of £28+

FASTER PUSSYCAT: Wake Me When Its Over CD. Classic Sleazy masterpiece. Check videos and all samples!

FASTER PUSSYCAT: Nonstop to Nowhere CD [1+3 totally unreleased / unavailable elsewhere songs]. Check videos

FASTER PUSSYCAT: Whipped CD + Long box (if required, it can be mailed. Please specify if you need it). Check all samples and video

TIE UP Compilation LP 1990. Tina Turner, Jimmy Somerville, Roxette, Lee Aaron, Depeche Mode, Check videos

Lee AARON: Bodyrock [tape 1989] THE Canadian METAL QUEEN. Check videos incl. “Whatcha Do to My Body” and “Hands On”.

Lee AARON: Only Human 12″ [the Metal Queen] Check video

Lee AARON: Call of the wild LP 1985. The Metal Queen goes wild. + Blue Oyster Cult cover + THE greatest rock ballad ever recorded. Check videos

Lee AARON: Metal Queen LP 1984 Roadrunner. The sexy Canadian Queen of Heavy Metal. Check videos.

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