Kelly Simonz’s BLIND FAITH: The Rule of Right CD with 3 extra songs. Neoclassical Heavy Metal. A better Malmsteen. Japanese guitar hero. CHECK whole songs


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Kelly Simonz’s BLIND FAITH: The Rule of Right

There is a fair chance that this Yngwie Malmsteen-inspired guitarist’s real name is not Kelly Simonz. After all, he hails from Japan. A hot item over in the land of the rising sun, Kelly has several albums under his belt, in addition to several years of session playing in America. Whatever the details of the man’s/band’s biography, it is clearly audible that Malmsteen has made an impact on the shredder. Solos fly left, right and centre and impress by virtue of speed and fluidity. Furthermore Malmsteen hasn’t been this good in years. Interestingly, Simonz also takes care of the vocals here at which he is good. Pick this up for Neoclassical guitar runs, attacks, jabs and cacophony.

1. Destiny 04:59
2. Till the End of Time 05:24
3. Still (2002 Version) 04:13
4. The Rule of Right 04:19
5. Desperado 03:25
6. King of the Castle (2002 Version) 05:02
7. Time of Revelation 05:55
8. Partita BWV826 02:51
9. Now Your Turn 05:03
10. Sprendid Grief 03:19
11. Dancing on the Edge (Bonus Track) 04:21
12. Blind Faith – Jungle Mix (Bonus Track) 02:22
13. Etude (Bonus Track) 01:33
Total playing time 52:52

Very good, melodic neo classical metal from this very talented Japanese guitarist. Think Yngwie Malmsteen with Don Dokken on vocals and you’ve got a close approximation of how this one sounds. The catch is though, Simonz played everything himself, and did a fantastic job considering, including vocals and production, although by listening to it without knowing this, you’d never guess. Highly recommended to fans of ’80’s Malmsteen!

Japan’s Kelly Simonz 2002 release is entitled The Rule Of Right – a melodically metallic CD chock full of instrumental tracks (six) and wickedly fast neo-classical solos and stylings. The instrumental tracks include a piano track (“Sprendid Grief”), a heavy acoustic guitar piece (“Desperado”), a neo-classical guitar/keyboard solo work (“Partita BWV826”) and three instrumental bonus tracks (“Dancing On The Edge”, “Blind Faith (Jungle Mix)” and the closing acoustic solo “Etude”). Simonz is also a superb vocalist, and tracks such as “Now Your Turn” and “Destiny” bristle with neo-classical fury. A must-have for Kelly Simonz fans, and worth a very close listen for neo-classical fans in general.

OK, Mr Simonz’ guitar style has a lot more strings to his bow than just neo-classical rock. But neo-classical rock is what we’re dealing with here.
As the songwriting goes, there’s just so much more light and shade, variety of pace, and melody than you get in your average Yngwie album. I would say the entire discography is worth checking out, but this is my favoured album.

5.0 out of 5 stars 久々にいい音楽を聴いた!
タイトル曲の「ルール オブ ライト」はシャッフルの曲にしては以外にカッコよく、最初聴いた時思わず、御見事!とうなってしまった。

5.0 out of 5 stars ケリーの2nd、前作を超えていませんね




“King Of The Castle”が入っていたりしていますが、意味が不明ですし、マイナス評価です。

(”Now Your Turn”なんて超絶ですよ!)

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