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Raging Death / Thrash Metal

Katafalk is a Dutch death/thrash metal band, from Groningen.  Katafalk was founded in 1995 by guitarist Chris. After two demos (Through The Storm (1997) and ‘Promo 2001’, lots of gigs and line-up changes, the band managed to become pretty well known in and outside The Netherlands. Having done a series of exclusive dates with God Dethroned, the band was offered a deal by Cold Blood Industries. Katafalk’s debut album Storm Of The Horde came out early 2003 via CBI/Zomba/Suburban.  Their musical style is dominated by brutal blastbeats and aggressive riffing. These components are brought together in very dynamic, well structured songs that keep the listener focused. According to reviewers, elements of death, thrash, grind and black metal can be heard, so the band’s style can easily be summarised as extreme metal.

Notes:    8-page full colour booklet with all lyrics, stapled. Standard jewel case with black tray. Punch holes in bar code area (back booklet).

Release date 2003
Running length 13 tracks
Running time 36:32
Genre Death metal
Label Cold Blood Industries
Storm of the Horde is the debut album by the Dutch death metal band Katafalk. It was released in 2003 by Cold Blood Industries.
Track listing:
“”Succubus”” – 2:30
“”Aestetic Vampires”” – 2:25
“”Birthmark 666″” – 2:34
“”Cannonfodder”” – 3:18
“”Redeemer”” – 2:48
“”Storm of the Horde”” – 2:55
“”Hatred”” – 2:59
“”Empty Life”” – 3:33
“”Operation Mindloss”” – 2:31
“”Rise Now”” – 2:27
“”One Last Flight”” – 2:46
“”Blind Envy”” – 2:09
“”Baptized in Fire”” – 3:44

Total Length 36:39

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