KALOPSIA: Exquisite Beauty of the Defiled CD Great Death Metal band for fans of Dying Fetus etc. Check samples


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New Brunswick’s best Death Metal band. Hailing from New Jersey (U.S.A.) these guys create a nostalgia of early 90’s death metal by a dynamic sound, a lot of aggression and very tight guitar playing. Songs that last about 4 minutes; but great song structures and variation between speed & melody versus mosh parts make this very interesting. Lyrics about the usual murder and torture stuff but very-well performed by brutal growling vocals and additional backing screams and grunts. For death metal freaks who dig the oldschool thrashy shit really worth checking out….

OK, they had a full-length back in 2003, but who remembers the label Think Metal? See. And if you do remember Think Metal and the long-player—Exquisite Beauty of the Defiled—issued on said record purveyor, then you deserve a Gutted belt buckle. Anyway, Kalopsia was formed out of current/ex-members of Funebrarum, Dehumanized and Deteriorot, and based on what we’ve heard, the group’s material kills in only ways American death metal can.


Running length
8 tracks
Running time
Genre: Death Metal
Country: US
Year: 2003
Label: Think Metal

1 Pleasure in Torture

2 Tool Shed Therapy

3 The Source of My Evil

4 Orgasmic Mutilation

5 Driven by Voices

6 Headless and Raped

7 Realm of the Dead

8 Her Obituary Reads…


Track Listing:
1. Pleasure In Torture (00:00 – 04:25)
2. Tool Shed Therapy (04:25 – 08:13)
3. The Source Of My Evil (8:13 – 12:33)
4. Orgasmic Mutilation (12:33 – 19:06)
5. Driven By Voices (19:06 – 24:04)
6. Headless And Raped (24:04 – 27:31)
7. Realm Of The Dead (27:31 – 30:57)
8. Her Obituary Reads… (30:57 – 36:25)

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