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This is the début offering from the 5-piece S.E.Asian outfit. Spanning about 40 minutes and 8 songs, the album is a melodic death metal offering, with a very strong similarity to the “”Gothenburg”” sound. The songs are typically mid-tempo, having a melodic undertone and rough vocals. However a strong differentiating factor is the drumming. Shiva has gone that extra inch…stretching the boundaries of a “”melodic”” offering, bashing his kit away, filling in blast beats, double bass slamming and rolls all over the place. This really adds an aggressive “”punch”” to the music. One thing I really liked about the album was the lyrics. Almost all songs have very meaningful lyrics with a strong concept or a story backing it, instead of meaningless meanderings. For e.g. “”Song for Reagan”” is inspired by the movie “”Exorcist””, “”Bhima(the fearless)”” is based on the mythological legend, Bhima (2nd of the Pandava Brothers). While I have to admit they are not doing anything particularly unique, they have made a decent effort, within the confinements of their chosen sub-genre. By the way, at the end of the album, there is an unlisted 9th track of about 3 minutes, out of which first 1 and a half minute is blank and then there comes in some weird statement. Couldn’t figure out what.

[KALIYUGA just released their debut Death Metal (with some melodic elements) album 14/07″” under TRISHUL RECORDS. The band includes members from another well-known local band from Singapore, RUDRA. Kaliyuga was formed in mid 1996 with Bala, Selvam,Shiva and Subash as the first line-up. They played together with locals BASTARDISED and GRAYCODE in Singapore’s first ever Metal Fest (July 97)]

Full-length, Trishul Records

Subash – vocals
Bala – guitars
Selvam – guitars
Siva – bass
Shiva – drums

1. Personafied Evil [sic]
2. Dream Killings
3. Man Made God
4. Child in Cage
5. Lost Choice
6. Song for Reagan
7. Bhima (The Fearless)
8. The Color of Blood
9. 14/07 (hidden track) 

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