JUMP FOR JOY: Lovelife CD 14 songs A.O.R feel


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Here we have a polished and mature 14 songs CD, chockablock with musical
dexterity and an excellent warm mix. Track one, ‘It’s You’, hits you with energy and crispness.
The whole style has an A.O.R feel but its pushiness keeps you interested. Think Steely Dan on speed. I like the guitar sounds that come at you from all angles and these squelches and belches carry onto the track, ‘Always on My Mind’. A lighter shuffling scene here: I can hear Robert Palmer in this one. The guitar riff pings and sizzles with a summery shine and the upbeat feel carries it through splendidly. ‘Over The Rainbow’ and we’re right into 70’s style funky metal A.O.R here. Average White Band screams out at you and the fluency of the guitar playing and the tightness of the rhythm are quite breathtaking. I think this is one for the discerning musicologist. There is a governing maturity and the competence of the performers is dazzling in places. It knows where it comes from but it breathes a dollop of life into it along the way. They do have a bit of a California-sound….a sort of Beach Boys-thing in where there is place for innovation like it was done by that other gorgeous band The Dandy Warhols…even if it at some moments (last track “”Over the rainbow”” for instance) it has some echoes from classic bands like the Eagles or The Doobie Brothers! Summer sounds better with jumpforjoy blasting out your stereo. It’s just so damn cheerful. You will move to the upbeat tempo, the classic little hooks, and the almost funky feelings that this record thrusts upon you. All this and the use of the phrase “”who’s your daddy””, it must be Christmas. The overall sound is a sort of happy pop/rock/funk, with a perhaps a smidgen of blues thrown in for good measure. What impressed me most was just how professional the band sounds, owing a lot, I suspect, to some really well done production. I also liked the use of some quality spacey samples, that really thickened up the sound. These guys really know how to play their instruments, and they also really know how to play as a band, which I say with some conviction, because even after listening this CD on numerous occasions I heard not one glitch. There was nothing that I didn’t like about the music, and I think that just about everyone would like listening to it. I am actually at loss of any particular well known band to compare jumpforjoy to. All I will say, is that there’s something very familiar about the music, yet at the same time it manages to stand out and remain illusive of categorisation.

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